A French Wedding: much more than just a wedding!

May 13, 2016

The way Hannah describes the picturesque seaside village of Douarnenz and the food, well you can smell the kouign amann baking from here

Author: Hannah Tunnicliffe / Reviewer: Rebecca Smith

Synopsis: (Pan Macmillan, 2016) Max is turning forty. All he wants for his birthday is for his six oldest friends to come to France to eat, dance, drink, and laugh for one weekend. And to finally declare his secret, undying love for his best friend, Helen.

Juliette gave up her dream of owning an acclaimed Parisian restaurant to return to her tiny coastal village and nurse her aging parents. But she finds her home much changed, even the boulangerie where she first learned to love baking has fallen upon hard times. Now, as she tries to find her way to a new future, Max’s birthday weekend may just provide the new beginning Juliette is wishing for… but at whose cost?

Bec’s review:

A French Wedding is a new release novel by Hannah Tunnicliffe, a New Zealand author but we won’t hold that against her :). Hannah is also a foodie who bases her chick literature around overseas destinations and food.

As the name suggests, there is a wedding set in France but there is much more story going on here than just a wedding!

Imagine going away for a long weekend with your group of friends plus partners: there’s Max who made it big in a band and never grew up; Juliette – an ex-Parisian chef who is catering for the weekend; Nina and Lars – the loved-up couple; Rosie and Hugo – a couple who is barely holding it together; Eddie, a unreliable womaniser with a much younger girlfriend; and, Helen – a sophisticated art gallery owner with a heart.

The book is told through Max and Juliette’s eyes and follows the long weekends high, lows, food, friends, music, and the wedding.

It is a very easy read; the way Hannah writes and describes the picturesque seaside village of Douarnenz and the food, well you can smell the kouign amann (a round, crusty cake) baking from here.

It will leave you wanting to book your next trip to Paris and order an espresso and croissant on the Champs-Élysées.

Connect with the publisher, Pan Macmillan – here

Connect with the author, Hannah Tunnicliffe – here or on Facebook, and on Instagram.

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