Healthy Is The New Skinny

February 6, 2017

For many women and girls, how to stop absorbing the incessant negative messages from the fashion and advertising industries and build a healthy self image, can be a bridge too far.

It’s just too hard for many and they simply give up and slip deeper into insecurity.

But this needn’t happen, thanks to the efforts of American international model and body image activist Katie H. Wilcox.

Wilcox, founder/CEO of the one-of-a-kind modelling agency Natural Model Management has written a book in which she offers a breakthrough approach to developing a healthy sense of self in a world that profits from keeping us insecure.

Having been categorised as a “plus size” model at a healthy weight for her height Wilcox has gained a unique insider’s view into the false world of advertising and the tragic effect it is having on girls’ and women’s body image and overall self esteem.

In her book she provides the insights and tools to help females of all ages stop absorbing the incessant negative messages and rebuild a healthy self-image starting right now. RRP: $22.99.

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