Helen Mirren Haunts Us In Winchester

February 22, 2018

#SheSociety was invited to a review screening of Helen Mirren‘s latest film- Winchester.

After watching the trailer for this film, the ladies here at SheSociety were intrigued and curious about the circumstances surrounding this story inspired by true events, so we sent along one of our bravest to experience this thriller.

It’s easy to say, Winchester took the audience for quite the thrill!

Jason Clark, plays Eric Price- a psychiatrist who is employed to evaluate the mental wellbeing of firearm heiress Sarah Winchester, played by Mirren.

The Winchester Manor is under construction 24 hours a day, 7 days a week as Sarah is convinced she is cursed by the souls of those who lost their lives at the arms of a Winchester rifle.

Eric is initially skeptical until it is uncovered that his own past enables him to experience visions of his own.

Taking us through the house that is believed to be one of the most haunted places in the world, SheSociety was even more engrossed considering the fact it is based of a true story.

Thrill rating- 5 stars

Be warned, jump scares are eminent!

In cinemas TODAY and you can view the trailer here!

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