#SheWatches Measure for Measure

October 8, 2019

Measure for Measure BIFF

Last Friday, as part of the Brisbane International Film Festival (BIFF), my daughter and I saw the Australian film ‘Measure for Measure’ at GOMA.

After the screening we enjoyed a panel discussion.

Measure for Measure BIFF

The film is loosely based on Shakespeare’s eponymous play, but the setting is transposed into present-day working-class Melbourne. Against a backdrop of gang rivalry, drug dealing, and immigrants, the eternal motifs of love, justice, revenge and loyalty are explored. Hugo Weaving, brilliant as Duke, is a crime lord on the verge of retirement. He is ably supported by a wonderful cast of young actors, led by Megan Hajjar as Jaiwara, Harrison Gilbertson as Claudio, and Mark Leonard Winter in the role of Angelo. Ian Jones’ stunning cinematography, enhanced by Tristan Dewey’s and Tai Jordan’s gritty soundtrack, underscore the moody atmosphere of the film’s themes. Sitting on the edge of our seats we were captivated by this gem of a film.

After the screening director Paul Ireland and casting director Thea McLeod paid a heartfelt tribute to co-scriptwriter Damian Hill, who passed away days before shooting began. Getting a glimpse behind the production of this outstanding film enriched this screening.

By including this film into the BIFF program, artistic director Amanda Slack-Smith allowed us exclusive access to a movie that is not due for its Australian release until April 2020. There is one more screening in Brisbane on Saturday, 12 October.

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