Artist Atousa: expressing beauty through art

March 2, 2016

For me, painting is a way to express beauty

Visual artist Atousa Salehpour

Vivid colours, patterns and eastern symbols are the creative sources of influence for Brisbane visual artist Atousa Salehpour.

Atousa works in the fields of photography, pottery, wood carving, sculpture, miniature, inlay, toreutics, marquetry, jewellery making and painting.

“For me, painting is a way to expressing beauty,” Atousa says. “As an eastern women my inspiration is based on the colours that I’ve experienced from my origin.

“Persian motifs, patterns, vivid colours, symbols and a diverse range of traditional clothes, jewelleries and dance for instance,” she says.

Atousa says she also uses Spiral (Slimi) in her painting. “It has lots of meanings such as the movement to infinite.

“I like to use different mediums in my artworks; it allows me to express different ideas … for example I’ve used coffee in some of my art works!”

Atousa’s beautiful work recently featured in the Womanhood Art Exhibition showcasing14 visual artists including Sue Pearson, Tarlan Ghasemi, Helen Holms, Linda Murray, Hengameh Shamlou, Louisa Liussi and Atousa Salehi.

The event was the brainchild of Nasrin Vaziri, co-ordinator of the multi-arts group, GC MAGIC.

Sponsored by the Queensland Government, as part of Queensland Women’s Week from March 7 to 13, it was the start of what is planned to be an annual event. For more information on the event or to connect with Nasrin and GC Magic, visit – here.

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