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November 7, 2018

She may be only nineteen, but Hayley Mattner is using her own experience with illness and her love of art to help others. Hayley is organising an art exhibition to raise money for the Breast Cancer foundation called ‘For The Love Of Boobs’. This playful event showcases a range of colourful artworks all on the theme of boobs. SheSociety spoke to this talented young artist to find out more.

Hayley has always battled with debilitating migraines which have affected her ability to always make the most of her everyday life. Her love of art has helped her to find a way through her chronic pain. Hayley said, “I have always suffered with migraines but for the past 8 years they have been chronic. For those who don’t know, migraines are a bad headache that can interfere with any or all of your senses and chronic just means that it is there to some extent all of the time. Although my migraines make a lot of things difficult, there are positives to everything in life. I think the reason I have always been drawn to art is because it was the perfect distraction when I was feeling unwell. If it weren’t for my migraines I wouldn’t have become an artist.”

The idea for the Art Event came when Hayley was painting. She says, “ I was painting a landscape and I accidentally painted the hills into boobs.This painting made me realise that hidden boobs would be a really fun, playful topic to do a series of paintings on. Then I decided to do an exhibition and use the event to raise money for breast cancer research. Although I have no personal history with breast cancer, seeing how others have supported me when I’ve been unwell has made me realise how important it is to help others when they are going through tough times.”

Hayley’s motto has always been, ‘You only live once.’ She explains, “Although it is cliche and overused, I tend to have an idea and go with it and that is how this event came about.”

Hayley’s other interest is cake decorating and she now works at The Cake and Icing Centre in Mitchelton. She says, “I first started cake decorating when I was fourteen. I couldn’t do any sport because of my migraines so I was fortunate that my Mum decided to send me to cake decorating lessons instead. My favourite part of cake decorating is making sugar flowers and I have started my own small business making sugar flowers from home. Unlike my art, sugar flowers are very precise and I enjoy having two very different outlets for my creativity.”

You can see Hayley’s amazing sugar spun creations on her Instagram page.

Hayley has been lucky to have some strong role models in her life. She says, “When it comes to my art I am most inspired by my great aunt Wendy, who started her own burlesque Dance Company. My boss at The Cake and Icing Centre- Sarah Jane is also an inspiration. Being an artist is like starting your own business in many ways. I am inspired by how both of these women run their businesses and conduct themselves.”

Hayley says you can expect her ‘For The Love Of Boobs’ event, “To be full of happiness and joy. Breast Cancer is a devastating illness that brings a lot of people sadness and grief and I wanted people to leave here with a smile on their face. All of the artworks are bright and colourful and many of them are a little bit cheeky and are designed to make people giggle. I also wanted people to be involved and have fun so there will be a few activities and interactive artworks as well.”

The art exhibition- For The Love Of Boobs will be held at Substation 5, 45 Logan Road, Woolloongabba and will run from the 23rd to 25th November. Opening night will start at 6pm and go until 9:30pm. Tickets are $5.99 and non – alcoholic drinks and light food will be provided on the night. This area boasts a range of restaurants and bars for those looking for something more substantial. The weekend showings are free and will run from 9am – 9pm.

In the future Hayley plans more art exhibitions. It will be interesting to watch the trajectory of this brave, young woman. Her strength, talent  and initiative are why #SheInspires. To find out more about the exhibition or to buy tickets to opening night head to Eventbrite!

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