Get Ready To Wait

by “Honey, come quick” I screamed to my husband who was in the back yard. He came barrelling into the house expecting to find me backed up against a wall, with a dinner plate-sized spider in my midst. I live in the […]

The Art of Hiding By Amanda Prowse

by Recently I did something I’ve never done before; I chose a book based purely on the cover. With a ridiculously long “need to read” list, I had no reason to be so reckless. But that’s the problem with having so many […]

The Exclusives: a little underwhelmed

by Author: Rebecca Thornton / Reviewer: Maddy Manning Synopsis: (Allen & Unwin, 2016) In 1996: Freya Seymour and Josephine Grey are invincible – beautiful and brilliant, the two best friends are on the cusp of Oxbridge, and the success they always dreamed […]

Three Lives Down: a shining exemplar

by By Brisbane author: Rachel Amphlett Synopsis: (Amphlett, 2015) Dan Taylor has survived two attempts on his life. The rest of his team is missing, and now a terrorist group has stolen a radioactive isotope from a top secret government project. Can […]