Second-Hand Grief From Celebrity Relationships

by First Brangelina and now another Hollywood golden couple have called it quits. Chris Pratt and Anna Faris announced their split just last week after eight years of marriage, causing an absolute internet frenzy. Their goofy and seemingly nice personalities have won […]

Cat The Cupid

by Does moving in together before marriage scare men and does it decrease the chance that he will propose to me and put a ring on my finger? My mum always says “Why buy the cow when you get the milk for […]

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do!

by   Last year there were almost 50,000 divorces granted in Australia, sadly making it one of the most common issues Australian families must deal with. Often, when people think of divorce, they empathise with the emotional impact this has on an […]

Cat The Cupid

by 1.My boyfriend cheated on his ex girlfriend.. will he do the same to me? Once a cheater always a cheater? ‘Once a cheater always a cheater’ is a very general statement which may not ring true in your situation. It really […]

After a breakup… new life

by I have spent the last year healing, reflecting, growing from a break-up after many years with my partner, and am now at the stage of what next? This is where my desire to start exploring my more creative side kicked in. […]