The 3 Health Buzzwords You Shouldn’t Ignore

by I love nothing more than a ‘buzzword’. Whether it’s exploring the latest wellbeing fad or getting people to pay attention to things that are really important when it comes to their health, buzzwords often disappear as quickly as they popped up […]

An epiphany – Embrace

by (Pictured above: Taryn Brumfitt during the making of her documentary, EMBRACE) I’ve had an epiphany of sorts … it came after I attended the documentary EMBRACE and the Q&A with Taryn Brumfitt. This doco is life changing. I wish I had […]

Mark Cupples: the business of being slim

by The weight loss industry is big business. Chances are if you’ve spent money joining a program to lose weight, you’ve probably tried a couple of other methods too. You’ve probably eaten low fat, no fat, gluten free, dairy free, paleo, high […]

Being thin will solve all my problems…

by Myjanne Jensen interviews Jenn Hand—food coach, creator of Healing From Within and founder of –  a full-service boutique that offers coaching and an online program that enables women to transform their relationship with food, weight, body, and eating. Jenn knows […]