Making Friends For The Long Run

by Making friends was easy at school. After that, though, as you head out into the big wide world, making new friends gets harder. Of course there will be those few special friends from school who will always be friends no matter […]

The Importance Of Friends

by I have just returned from my annual holiday to the Sunshine Coast. It was weeks of pure bliss – spending time with my family, sunshine, swimming , long walks on the beach, cocktails at sunset, scrumptious dinners at the local restaurants, […]

Dealing With The New Year Blues

by Post-Christmas and New Year On New Year’s Eve I didn’t feel like going out on the town nor popping champagne and watching the fireworks. I was physically and mentally drained from weeks of excitement and home preparations in readiness for my […]

It Takes A Village

by We found this interesting article on Mamamia explaining how your children’s experiences are shaped not only by you but by other influences that surround them as well. “When it came to my first day of school, I was prepared, I was […]

Cat The Cupid

by I’ve given birth to my first child in the last 6 months and I’m finding it hard reignite the intimacy in my relationship with my husband… Firstly, congratulations on bub! Welcome to the club of unconditional love and lack of sleep. Lack […]