The Meaning Of Sportsmanship

by As the Commonwealth Games have come to an end, we thought it would be great to reflect on the comradeship of the games. With athletes really showing the world what they are made of, not only in the sporting arenas but […]

Making Friends For The Long Run

by Making friends was easy at school. After that, though, as you head out into the big wide world, making new friends gets harder. Of course there will be those few special friends from school who will always be friends no matter […]

Female Friendship App

by A new Australian website and mobile app has been launched to help women make friends and connect with other females in their neighbourhood and online across the globe. Called “dear molly” it aims to connect like-minded women based on their interests online […]

School Reunions, Nostalgia And No Idea

by The jokes started through our small Facebook group. Was it really thirty years since we left school? Are we really that old? Who is going to go? Who else would be there? Our lives now, dispersed across states and countries, different […]

Cat The Cupid

by How do I tell a good friend that I feel she is too opinionated at the expense of not listening to others? It sounds like you love your friend and feel that she isn’t aware of the negative impact she has […]