Selfies Can Give You Nits

by The growing popularity of children taking selfies with their smartphones is being blamed for a dramatic increase in the incidence of head lice in schools, according to experts. The research project, presented at the British Association of Dermatologists annual conference in […]

Brunette Or Blonde?

by It seems like these days, blonde‚Äôs are having more fun, but brunettes are getting the work done. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Kasey Edwards had to dye her hair brown to be taken seriously at work. “You’re too pretty and […]

24 Hour No Brush Challenge

by Would you be able to go 24 hours without brushing your hair? Well you better try, because leaving home with untamed locks is now going to help raise awareness for mental health and wellbeing. Professional hair detangling brand, Dessata, has partnered […]