A Little Bit Of Time Travel

by I have a confession; I’m a bit of a historic costume tragic. So, on a brilliant blue Brisbane winter weekend, we headed off to History Alive at Fort Lytton National Park. Fort Lytton’s history Fort Lytton National Park is a historically […]

Outlander And The Jacobite Rebellion

by For those of us still engrossed in the television series Outlander the sub-plot of the plans of some Scottish clans to support the return of the Catholic Stuarts to the throne of England and Scotland can be confusing. The push for […]

Global History Project

by Those endless boxes of old family photos you can’t bear to part with, even though they have very little or no identifying notations at all, may not be such a lost cause after all. There is a way you just might […]

Father’s Day Has A Long History

by What has Father’s Day got to do with the American Civil War? A lot, really. Way back in 1909 a young American woman Sonora Smart Dodd was sitting in church in the town of Spokane in Washington State, listening to a […]

Ceremony Of The Keys. The Lucky Ones

by The Tower of London has a terrific and grizzly reputation.  For me it is one of the must see stops of the United Kingdom. Every damp, dark corner brings another story to life from it’s gruesome past. It’s beginnings built close […]