Digital Cocaine?

by Whether your kids still delight in Peppa Pig, have moved on to Minecraft, or graduated to Fortnite, chances are they spend a lot more time watching pixels dance on a screen than playing in the park. Since the iPad was released […]

#SheSociety Meets BrainBuzz

by #SheSociety went behind the scenes of Channel 9’s newest kids show- BrainBuzz which involves exploring, dissecting and solving many of the world’s frequently asked questions. We had the chance to chat with the stars of the show, Kellyn Morris and in-resident scientist Clare […]

Let Them Quit If They Want

by Children are often shuffled from piano lessons, to dance classes, to soccer practice after school and on weekends. But what happens when they say, “no”. According to an ABC Radio Perth report Psychologist Justin Coulson said he regularly fielded requests for […]

It Takes A Village

by We found this interesting article on Mamamia explaining how your children’s experiences are shaped not only by you but by other influences that surround them as well. “When it came to my first day of school, I was prepared, I was […]

Read All About It With Kindergo

by Thousands of children across Australia will next month take part in a nationwide introduction of an innovative new storytelling app designed to help them learn and improve their reading abilities. The Kindergo app, launched earlier this month in Brisbane, is offering […]

Bedtime Routines

by Ahhh.. The kettle is boiled, the TV is switched on YOUR station and you’re settling in for the night. Then you hear it… the pitter-patter of little feet out of bed – AGAIN.  There’s always a reason, of course. “I just […]

Unplug Your Kids This Easter

by The last decade of fast track technology has changed the way we live, with the repercussions having a much greater impact amongst children than anyone could have predicted.  This Easter holidays is the perfect opportunity to take the time to ‘unplug’ […]

Kids Playroom Design Ideas for Small-Spaces

by SheBrisbane caught up with Stacey Cooper, a creative individual and DIY enthusiast who shared her tips on combining imagination and small spaces to create an epic playroom for kids. This is what she had to say… When you’re a parent, there are […]

One of THOSE days

by Those days—you know the ones—where everything comes to you easily and naturally and you feel you can conquer the world.  Kids lunches packed, breakfast made, kitchen tidied, children blissfully following the rules without a complaint. On these days you’ve done the […]