How To Spot A Misogynist

by Misogyny is stubborn Acclaimed Australian literary author, Tim Winton was recently interviewed on the ABC and expressed his concern on misogyny. He still hears things today, in particular from young boys, that three or even five generations ago would be saying. It […]

Sexual Violence Against Women Is On The Rise

by Sexual violence against women is on the rise, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS). But then again we don’t need statistics to tell us that. The latest Personal Safety Survey shows the proportion of women experiencing sexual violence in the […]

How To Be A Man

by I was in an airport lounge the other day flicking through the fancy glossy quarterlies, eating heaps of yummy stuff, having a wine etc.. in fact it was reminiscent of that episode of Kath & Kim where Kath and Kel miss their flight […]

Making Good Men Great

by As women, we naturally turn to other women for support when feeling down about something and it’s pretty much a given that most of us will have a network of friends and family to turn to when in need. But what about men? […]

Women “Love” Men with Tatts

by It appears women are not as fussy when it comes to men’s bodies, reports the ABC. It said a new paper published in the journal Personality and Individual Differences found that tattoos made men more attractive to women. “Women perceived tattoos […]

We’re opening the door to the men

by Yes, by popular demand, we’ve now got a special “HE Brisbane” tab at the top of our home page where we’ll feature stories by  men and/or about the men in our world. The section has already been kicked off with some […]