Starting School At 3 Years Old?

by President Emmanuel Macron has announced compulsory schooling in France will begin at age three, instead of six, as part of new reforms set to shake up the country’s education system. “Kindergarten will be a founding moment in our school journey,” Mr […]

Is Homework Important?

by A global survey of parents has reignited debate about the value, or otherwise, of homework for schoolchildren, according to a report on ABC Radio Melbourne. The survey of more than 27,000 parents was conducted by the Varkey Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation […]

Is Your Child Ready To Go Back To School?

by As the holidays dwindle down, kids can start to become more restless and nervous for the new school year ahead, this could be due to it being your child’s first year of school, their first year of high school, or maybe they’re […]

Six Year Olds Put To The Test

by It was with great sadness that I read there will be more compulsory testing in our schools. Now it is the six year olds who’ve been targeted for testing in literacy and numeracy. From my years of experience as a teacher I […]

Growing up different

by Imagine being born with a face that was different. Not with lots of freckles, or a large nose or big ears, but with a face that is considered freakish, caused by a mutation in a gene that caused the bones in […]