Breast Bounce

by Women readers of SheBrisbane are all familiar with what is popularly referred to as “Breast Bounce” and how uncomfortable and embarrassing it can be. The bigger the breasts the bigger the bounce, especially when running or doing other strenuous activities. So […]

7 Insights Into How To Be A Great Leader

by There is a funny saying, “if you are leading but no-one is following you, you’re just out for a walk”. It’s so true though… gone are the days when respect came with the job title and ‘command and control’ was the acknowledged […]

Sarah Harris – The Smith Family

by Teenagers from some of Queensland’s most disadvantaged communities last night celebrated milestone educational achievements at a special graduation event, thanks to The Smith Family. Many of those honoured are the first in their family to complete Year 12 or attend university, […]

How to help a friend in need

by There’s nothing like sisterhood – the bond between women that transcends ordinary acquaintance. When the going is good and the laughs keep rolling, it’s easy to smile and giggle through the joys of life with our sisters. But when the going […]