Looking for a sign

September 12, 2016

Have you ever wished for something and then been told to “ask the universe”, “ask the angels” or simply, “say a prayer”?

I’d say most of us have, but I wonder how many of us really believe that it actually works.

I’m not a religious person by any means, but I am spiritual and believe deeply in the idea of energy—both good and bad—that our souls are all connected at some level and that whatever you put out, you are bound to get back at some point.

I’m also strongly influenced by my Maori heritage in that regard, as Maori are big believers in things happening for a reason. They often just seem to have a “knowing” about something or can interpret “signs” where others may not see them.

Sending it out to the universe

I’ve sent many a question out into the universe and I always seem to get the answer I’m looking for, with the most recent example being my struggle with feeling resentful of my circumstances. Even though logically I knew perfectly well that I have a great life, I just couldn’t seem to shake this negativity that had come over me.

My main issue was that I wasn’t appreciating my time with my children;  instead I was busy wishing away the hours until they would finally go to sleep and I could have a couple of hours to myself (if I didn’t also fall asleep).

It got to a point where I sent out a request to the universe to help me get through this shitty negative patch and to help me snap out of my negative mindset.

The universe responded!

Well only a few days after I did this, I came down with a terrible viral infection which absolutely flawed me and I ended up going to hospital where I consequently fainted and completely freaked myself out.

I’ve (touch wood) never had any reason to go to hospital other than to have babies, so to suddenly be thrust into a situation where doctors were hooking me up to all kinds of monitors and to not be able to trust my own body, well, it was very frightening and overwhelming.

Lucky for me it was just a bad virus which had knocked around my already rundown body, but it was during those few scary moments of uncertainty that the frailty of my mortality became awfully apparent. I could think of was, “I’m not ready to go yet” and I just wanted to be with my family.

Lesson learnt

Take it as a sign or not, it was enough of an ass-kicking to snap me out of my funk and to which I’m grateful to have received, as I’m definitely looking at life with a renewed appreciation.

So next time you’re feeling lost or a bit stuck for an answer to something, maybe it’s worth sending out a signal for help or a bit of support – what do you have to lose?

Have you had any signs from the universe that have helped you to carry on or informed your decisions?

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