Smelling my armpit is no longer a risk

November 17, 2016

Anyone who knows me well knows that I love all things that smell good (myself included), so obviously having a good deodorant and perfume is very important to me.

What’s also important to me is the physical and mental health of my body, so wherever possible, I always try to use the most natural skin care and beauty products that I can find.

I’ve tried many natural deodorants and some have been great and others not so, therefore, when I heard about the Australian-made and owned No Pong – an all natural, anti-odourant paste that is applied to your armpits, I was intrigued and had to try.

Made up of all organic ingredients including coconut oil, beeswax and essential oils combined with baking soda and cornflour, No Pong comes in a cute, portable little silver tin that can be taken anyway, just like your conventional deodorant roll-on or spray.

Using no more than a pea-sized amount, the balm-like product is rubbed into your armpit area and then absorbed nicely without being too sticky or overly scented and without leaving any marks on your clothing.

My first use of No Pong was right after shaving my armpits (uh oh dangerous territory I know!) and I was pleasantly surprised that despite the lemony scent (aka potential acidic shit storm on my freshly shaven armpits), there was absolutely no stinging or redness after applying the paste and all I could smell and feel was lovely, citrusy goodness.

I purposefully smelt myself throughout the day (probably not a good look, but hey it was for a good cause) and I am pleased to say that there was definitely no ponging, despite having carried my 10kg baby around most of the day.

Another pleasant surprise was how good my armpits smelt after a good session at the gym. I don’t usually smell too bad post-workout, but I have definitely tried other products (both natural and non-natural) where I have come out smelling a bit sweaty/salty. No Pong stayed true to its word, however, and managed to keep any smell at bay and I wasn’t excessively sweaty or sticky either.

Overall I highly rate this product, as in my books, it’s got everything you could wish for: a pleasant smell, it’s easily absorbed into the skin, is reasonably priced and most importantly, contains no nasty chemicals.

No Pong is currently only available online ($5.95 + S&H $3) or via subscription ($7.95 p/month incl. S&H) at

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