It’s Time To Make Time For Yourself

February 21, 2018

WE all know the feeling of the daily grind.

The sleep, eat, work repeat kind of routine we call ‘life’.

Throw a few kids in the mix and the routine is stretched even further with lunches to be made, sports training to attend and homework to be done. The drudgery of it all can feel never-ending.

It’s during the height of all this busy-ness we often find ourselves craving some “me” time- time to take a breath, time for a cup of tea or even something as simple as going to the toilet in peace.

After working in a corporate job, Kiwi-born Kate Williams was all too familiar with the everyday rat-race and therefore decided to throw in her day job to travel and pursue her passion of helping others.

“I knew that my job was what society deemed as ‘successful’ but I was unhappy and after a while of working in that role I started to see first-hand the hampster wheel of the modern world,” she said.

“The Groundhog Day of getting up, going to work, eating unhealthy foods for temporary happiness, spending earnings on ‘stuff’, feeling over-stressed, over-worked, and unfulfilled day after day was all consuming.

 “There were so many people wishing their days away waiting for the weekend, wishing their months away waiting for the next holiday and wishing their lives away for happiness.”

“I couldn’t understand why people couldn’t just take time out of their daily routine to slow down, relax and actually enjoy their every day, instead of wishing them away in hopes of better ones ahead.”

Cue The Retreat Yourself Box- a beautiful, boutique-style little box of heaven offering a range of high quality Australian (and sometimes New Zealand) health, wellness, beauty and fitness products.

Kate came up with the concept of the subscription-based “retreat in a box” after quitting her job and while discovering how she could be of services to others.

She said The Retreat Yourself Box was created to inspire people to live fully, to prioritize self-care and to make the most of the wonderful life they’d been given.

“I want people to experience the same feelings as being on a holiday, but in their everyday lives and to refill their cups so that they have the energy to truly enjoy themselves, rather than always running on empty,” Kate said.

“The content of The Retreat Yourself Box is valued up to $200 and can include anything from body scrubs to bake mixes, face masks to smoothie blends or candles to raw cookies and bamboo toothbrushes.

“There is also always a ‘big ticket’ item in the box too and we have featured in the past a boho beach blanket, reusable Karma Kups, stainless steel drink bottles and coconut bowls.

“The box also contains our very own Wellness Magazine, which is filled with delicious healthy recipes using the products, inspiring stories about the brands featured, natural beauty & skin care tips, and lifestyle articles to inspire people to live fully.”

The Retreat Yourself Box is available as either a one- off purchase, a seasonal or yearly subscription.

As part of this article, Kate is offering a 20% OFF code to all of the ‘She Business’ readers. Use the coupon code ‘SHEBUSINESS20’ at the checkout off any of our subscriptions.

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