What I did with my one precious free hour…

March 25, 2016

Even if you only manage one hour to yourself, don’t ever forget what makes you happy

In my last post I mentioned that inbetween juggling my two little girls, being a wife, writing, managing the household and breathing, I got an hour to myself last week – it was amazing!

Q: So what did I do with that hour of freedom when I had the chance to apply a bit of “self-love”?

A: I went to the gym.

I know, cue eye roll, but in all seriousness, going to the gym for me isn’t solely about the goal of looking good, it also represents a space for me to just take a break and give something back to my body and in turn, uplift my spirit.

I love the gym or just being active in general, so when the opportunity arose to get out of the house, I jumped at the chance and got my ass outta there.

As we all know, working out releases endorphins aka the hormones that make us happy, so of course getting to the gym will usually give us some kind of happy feeling.

For me though, it’s so much more than that and is a way of connecting with my heart and soul through movement and music and tuning in to what makes my heart sing.

Dance because you can…

Another activity that makes me feel alive is dancing. Over the years I have participated in many forms of dance, from hip-hop dancing in Japan to traditional Cook Island hula here in Australia.

Something happens to me when that music comes on and I let my body move in sync with the beat – I just can’t help but release any negative energy residing in my body and to form a big, fat cheesy smile from ear to ear.

It sounds corny, I know, but when I do these things I feel myself bursting with love and this simple act of connecting with music and movement becomes one true, spiritual way for me to give love back to myself.

Needless to say when I came home from the gym that day, I felt really good and that in turn benefited my day and all of my interactions from that point on.

My point and I do have one is this…

So I guess, what I’m really trying to say is this: even if you only manage one hour to yourself, don’t ever forget yourself and what makes you happy.

Even if that means doing something simple like reading a sci-fi novel, bird-watching, going to the beach, having a cup of your favourite tea, whatever – if it makes your heart sing and makes you feel good, then do it and do it often!

Our children and husbands/partners need us to be the best version of ourselves and we can’t be that for them (or more importantly for ourselves) unless we remember to take time out to nourish and re-energise our souls.

Good point huh?

What do you do for yourself that makes you happy? Please share that with me below!

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