Pick Your 2018 Travel Destination

January 22, 2018

Need some inspiration for your 2018 travels, then do we have the list for you! These websites have made it so much easier to pick your travel destination, but they’ve also made it so much harder to just pick one. Their images alone will entice you to book a ticket straight away, so take care.

The Lonely Planet

Known as the epitome of travel and adventure, Lonely Planet is one of best places to go for all your travel questions and tips. Their top countries to visit in 2018 include Chile, South Korea and Portugal just to name a few.

The Guardian

Browse their list of 40 fabulous destinations around the world from capitals of culture to palm-fringed beaches. You even have the chance to check out places in each continent, making your decision that little bit easier. Highlights include Valletta in Malta, Corsica and Cairo.

National Geographic

Breathtaking photos that will immediately transport you are what National Geographic is known for. They don’t disappoint with their slideshow of incredible images for 2018, top picks include Harar in Ethiopia, Oaxaca in Mexico and Malmö in Sweden.

Conde Nast Traveler

As one of the most high brow publications across the world, Conde Nast Traveler should certainly know where the best spots are to relax and to rid yourself of worries. South Korea and Ethiopia seem to be popular picks along with Australia’s Great Barrier Reef getting a mention.

Architectural Digest

If you’re a design buff and love the idea of discovering exquisite buildings and creative places then this is the site for you. Filled to the brim with destinations that will take your breath away, a quirky museum in Abu Dhabi, colourful houses in Buenos Aires and incredible skyscrapers in Shanghai will make you wish you were already there.

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