Brisbane Is My Boyfriend…

June 1, 2020


If isolation has taught me anything about being single…it’s the simple fact that I am not actually single because Brisbane is my boyfriend. 

Due to unforeseen COVID circumstances we’ve been on a mini-break for 9 weeks now, and are only just starting to re-engage with each other as the barriers that were keeping us apart are slowly but surely, taken down.  

When Brisbane and I first started our enforced mini-break, I sat on a balcony in Zig Zag Street, overlooking those iconic Red Hill Queenslanders, and hoped that even though the world had taken one hell of a turn, Brisbane would still stump up for me somehow. 

So while socially distancing these long last weeks, sipping my quarantini, making peace with the solitude and adjusting to this new normal, Brisbane kept coming through with the goods.

This city may be as comfortable as cashmere pyjamas but it can switch on a sunset that will leave you breathless. 

And that made me feel safe and secure during this most extraordinary of circumstances because those peaceful sunset sessions made me feel like my city still had my back. 

Now we are slowly seeing each other again, I am rediscovering the things that made us fall in love in the first place and I have put together a wish list that I can’t wait to do again with my main squeeze.

I can’t wait for cocktails with friends at the Emporium Sky Bar at sunset watching the sky burst into pink and orange flames.

I can’t wait to listen to live music on a Sunday at Southbank with a pre-booked picnic from Popolo where I end up rolling down the grassy hill after one too many rosé’s.

And slipping on some ridiculous high heels and falling down the cracks at Howard Smith Wharf as we bar and restaurant hop…this just can’t come back soon enough!

I can’t wait to feel that fresh afternoon breeze off the Brisbane River (or the brown snake, not to be mistaken for the trouser snake, my Brisbane is very polite), while I sip on a fancy cocktail from Mr Percival’s.

Or walking into a cafe with the newspaper and ordering the biggest mood of a breakfast and at least 2 double espresso’s with a sparkling water and a side bowl of puppy chino for my sassy sausage dog Franki…who is VERY partial to the warm sunny cuddles that Brisbane provides. 

The delight of that afternoon sun as it hits the Story Bridge and then watching it light-up with an Aperol Spritz in hand surely has to be just around the corner!

Stargazing at the bottom of Mt Cootha, but not in the cold evening air, Brisbane is going to open the doors to the Planetarium for us to snuggle in and watch the night sky!

Brisbane can then take me on a trip down one of the inner city laneways for a choose your own food adventure… with so many to choose from, I don’t know which restaurant I will worship at first. Most likely something that I haven’t been cooking in isolation… safe to say there aren’t any 2-minute noodle establishments around so I should be ok. 

Then we are going to dance under the chandelier at The Fortitude Valley Music Hall while surreptitiously trying to find the entrance to the owner’s private bar. I will find that private bar… I know it exists. Brisbane always gives up its secrets. 

Now, I hate exercising… Brisbane knows this, however, it can always distract me with its beautiful riverside walks along Newstead and New Farm, and with the warmth of the sun in my face and a good podcast I don’t even realize I am doing something good for me!

Brisbane and I have a rock-solid relationship and I will always love this steady partner of mine. The warmth, stability, love and safety this city offers me and all of my friends is something that I am very grateful for. Especially in these unsettling times.

Brisbane always accommodates my needs, rarely rains on any parade and makes me appreciate how much this city creates a happiness culture.

And our glorious winter weather that allows me to wear my coat at least once a year (which is seriously enough) is the stuff of dreams! 

Brisbane always turns it on…and I am ready for Brisbane to turn me on… light my fire again Brisbane. I miss you and can’t wait to have you back in my arms!

Brisbane… the boyfriend you all want…and I have, but I’m prepared to share, if you physically distance and wash your hands. 

Note to mum and dad: Brisbane can’t travel to your penthouse on the Gold Coast so if you want to be a part of our lives you need to come and visit us when its safe enough and I will re-introduce you to all of our favourite places!


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