Bumbling through the dating game…

February 1, 2017

Bumble Picture: Tech Times

One of the #SheBrisbane team is single and loud and proud about it.  She is comfortable being single, however obviously craves the love and attention that every human needs when it comes to relationships in the real world.

Relationships in the real world these days are becoming harder and harder to find. Virtual reality, speed dating you name it there are a heap of options however when you can do it in your own home through an app on your phone, why not!

Sick of Tinder and being accosted with DP’s*, innuendo’s and the feeling of being for sale in a meat market the #SheBrisbane team member decided to try out the app called Bumble.

From face value Bumble feels and looks similar to Tinder, however interestingly women hold all the power. #GIRLPOWER The infamous swiping left and right like Tinder remains. However, once matched, conversations must start within 24 hours or they will disappear and can only be initiated by women. It’s actually one of those dating apps where the opposites are professionals, living a busy lifestyle in their chosen profession and like most single, busy professionals don’t know where to find there forever BAE*.

It has a nicer feel to it, not as sexually explicit or meat market like, the people you are matched with are those that want to match with you as well.  You know where they work so feel like they’re a credible possible BAE*.

Who knows how this will play out or if her BAE will bumble through the app and find her, the good thing is that the photos in her phone of DP’s have decreased and the possibility of a nice date rather than a booty call is on the horizon.



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