Digital Detox

January 8, 2018

This is the perfect time to take a social media break, to free yourself of all the drama and start afresh. It doesn’t matter if you switch off for a couple hours or a couple of days, ridding yourself of the constant hum of Facebook or Instagram for just a short while will do wonders to your mind and your spirit.

James Duigan is a world-famous personal trainer and author, helping the likes of Elle Macpherson and Emilia Clarke. Just recently he shared his top 3 tips for disconnecting from social media.

“With us fully immersed in the age of smart phones, smart watches, smart home devices and smart-arse technology, there’s more ways to communicate than ever before. But, as a society, we’ve never been lonelier.”

“The primary culprit is social media and our mobile phones. They can bring global communities together and provide a ceaseless source of inspiration at their best,” he said.

James explained that at its worst social media is a constant nuisance, a constant distraction and stops you living in the present.

“Even a quick scroll before bed can keep you awake at night or send your self-esteem plummeting as you’re barraged with Insta bums and impossible abs.”

“Social media platforms have been mischievously designed to drip feed you the “happy hormone” dopamine with every notification – they’re purposefully made to be addictive.”

“As with any cold turkey experience, it can be hard to wean yourself off social media. But like any addiction the secret to kicking the habit is to build new, healthy ones and that starts with a digital detox,” James said.

3 Simple Hacks For A Digital Detox

Use an app called Freedom to block your Instagram, Facebook and Twitter apps for as long as you need – or can bear. At the very least, keep them quiet during your Christmas dinner.

It’s so simple, it’s genius. Creating that extra step between you and your “feed” will help you resist the lure of mindless scrolling when your resolve is wearing thin.

No pictures. No selfies. No boomerangs. No snapchats. For one day at least. Don’t lose the moment by trying to capture it. Live in the moment and it will live long in the memory.