The Importance of Getting A Regular Bra Fitting – Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October 10, 2019

The importance of getting a bra check up

Brava Lingerie Founders Urge for Regular Bra Fitting – Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Our busy lives are all too often the scapegoat for the things we don’t get done. And, while it may not be a big deal for everyday things on your to-do list, when it comes to health matters, it can be a whole other story.

We do regular dentist check ups, car services and perhaps pap smears, but unfortunately many women don’t get an annual bra fitting test, let alone check their breasts for any abnormalities. Now, there are two things that stand out here, one, annual bra fitting check-ups, and secondly, what has that got to do with breast cancer.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and mother-and-daughter co-founders of Australian leading D-cup and up niche retailer Brava Lingerie, Lin and Maxine Windram have made it their mission to help women to feel comfortable and confident by getting properly fitted and to get their bra size checked regularly. Many women naturally fluctuate bra sizes with the seasons and hormonally, explains Lin, let alone through weight loss or gain, pregnancy, menopause and the like.

“Especially with larger cup sizes, ill-fitting bras can not only lead to severe discomfort, strains and back pain, but cause breast issues if they are not properly fitted and sit uncomfortably, particularly over time. We find that almost 80% of women who come to us for the first time wear badly fitting bras and experience problems,” said Lin Windram.

In line with all the annual check-ups, we really should get our bras checked at least once, ideally twice annually, and in view of the fact that over 50 people get diagnosed with breast cancer every day (and not just women) we really ought to have more regular check-ups.

“During the month of October – National Breast Cancer Awareness Month – for every bra sold we will donate a percentage to the Breast Care Nurses and this from right across our six stores,“ says Lin Windram.

“While this project is really an incentive for women to take care of themselves more, getting re-fitted and having their breasts checked regularly, we are more concerned about the remaining 11 months of the year during which we have to stay vigilant, check our breasts and be cancer aware,” says Maxine Windram.

“We are all about empowering women of all ages, sizes, walks of life and backgrounds. And, we want them to feel good. We hope that we can inspire more women to get more regular bra fittings for their own benefit, and to encourage more breast checkups,” says Maxine.

Brava’s mission is to ‘Empower Women with Dignity and Respect – One Bra at a Time’ by donating bras and our expert and compassionate fitters to the Support the Girls organisation bra fitting event. The women helped are victims of domestic violence, financial hardship and other circumstances beyond their control. We continue to donate bras to the Fitted for Work project that assists disadvantaged women by providing well-fitting bras to help their preparation for re-entering the workforce.

For ten years Brava has donated bras to Uplift Fiji who provide bras for women around the Pacific Islands where a bra is often unobtainable or unaffordable because the priority for women’s spending is food and education needs of their children.

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