Country life has given me a new perspective

June 13, 2016

It was great to see how a smaller country town sets up their show and what they include ... everything from a boxing tent to wool shed displays

Hello from Cunnamulla. It’s difficult to believe that the year is already half way through. I remember thinking to myself before New Year’s Eve, what would I like to achieve this year? What areas of myself would I like to improve?

So, while I am sitting here typing this entry, I look back and reflect on how much my life as changed in the span of six month.

A fresh perspective

Graduating with my Nursing degree
Graduating with my Nursing degree

Relocating to South West Queensland has definitely given me perspective on what I want in the future in regard to education, relationships/friendships and experience.

Since my last entry I have been back to Brisbane a couple of a times catching up with friends and graduating from university – Australian Catholic University holds their graduation later due to the number of students completing placements. I enjoyed attending graduation, catching up with everyone and hearing about their different areas of employment.

My days in Charleville and Cunnamulla

Additionally, we recently had a few education days in Charleville. It was great catching up with all the girls, comparing each other’s stories and treatment utilised in certain situations.

At the Cunnamulla Show
At the Cunnamulla Show

The Cunnamulla show was last month. It was great to see how a smaller country town sets up their show and what they include. It had everything from a boxing tent to wool shed displays designed by the primary school children. Of course, to top the night off there was a DJ and dance floor!

With the nursing life, my routine is sleep, eat, work and repeat – that pretty much sums up life at the moment.

Winter has definitely set in at Cunnamulla – night shifts involve freezing nights and many layers.

Okay, off to do the sleep part of my routine. Goodnight!

Chloe Gibbs on Facebook
Chloe Gibbs
Our city girl in the country, Chloe Gibbs, is a 23-year-old Brisbane girl who recently graduated as a nurse from Australian Catholic University.

Chloe accepted a nursing graduate position in Cunnamulla to challenge herself professionally and personally.

Her hobbies include horse riding, martial arts, general fitness and her love of food. If you wish to follow her journey connect with Chloe on her Facebook or read her column on She Brisbane.

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