Try These Tips If You Don’t Want To Be At Work

January 11, 2018

Time to say goodbye to sleep ins and lazy days, instead its alarm clocks and rushed mornings. Christmas and New Year have come and gone and now it’s the dreaded first day back at work. After what may have been a one or two week holiday you’re still exhausted, even after those late mornings. You actually managed to survive on only one coffee a day during the holidays and if you’re completely honest you’re still holding onto that hangover from New Years Eve. But don’t resign to crying at your desk just yet, here are some tips to help pull you through that first week or let’s face it, the first month back.

– If you can, get involved in new and exciting projects in your workspace, you might even become eager to come into work if you know that what you’re doing is something you’re excited about.

– It’s a new year after all, and the best way to embrace that is to try something new, whether that be a yoga class, karate or even joining a sewing club. Whatever you have always wanted to do, well now is the time to do it.- Set yourself small goals or deconstruct your tasks into smaller parts for the work week, that way by completing each small step, you’ll feel a sense of achievement that will keep you moving forward.

Organise your email inbox and calendar, your inbox is probably full of messages from the time you’ve been away. Instead of becoming overwhelmed and leaving them until later get them over with straight away, you’ll thank yourself later when you’re struggling to find an important email at 5pm. Don’t forget to sort out and prioritise your calendar, before the month gets too crazy.

– As hard as it may be, log out of Facebook and Instagram, do not check them all day. Not only are they detrimental distractions but they will make you feel worse, seeing pics of your friends beach side villa will only make you jealous and will make you wish you were anyplace else.

– There is no better way to start the new year then with a health kick…we’re kidding. But seriously it’s not a bad idea, especially after the food and alcohol coma we all ended up in over Christmas and New Year. Small baby steps are the perfect way to go about it, maybe decrease your coffee intake from 4 cups a day to 2 or instead of going to the bakery each day for lunch, try a more healthier option. Remember small changes are what counts.

Stick to positive thoughts, find a mantra that resonates with you and your beliefs. Hold onto that and whenever you’re feeling low, keep repeating it to yourself, over and over again until you start to believe it. Trust us, it will eventually work.

– If those tips don’t help then just think, you could be one of the unlucky souls who works over the Christmas, New Year period, you’ve at least got that to be thankful for.

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