Working in the city… again

March 28, 2016

Oh, the joy of being able to make a lunchtime run to David Jones

After nine years working in the suburbs, I’m back in the city for a new job – and goodness, how things have changed while I’ve been away!

Peak hour traffic

Oh, the joys of peak hour traffic… it has been a shock to the system. On the first day it took me an hour to travel less than 10km by bus. Apologies to all those who do far bigger commutes, but we’re talking less than 10km.

The train is a bit quicker, but I’ve had to come up with a whole schedule to get out the door without missing my hair brushing and makeup slot or I’m rushing out barefaced and fuzzy haired (which might have happened once or twice already). I’d get up earlier but – you know, sleep.

The rise of the smart phone

The other thing I can’t get over is how most people spend every spare second GLUED to their smart phones. Waiting. Travelling. Walking. How do they do it? If I tried it there would be accidents, embarrassment and required apologies.

There were 30 people in my carriage yesterday and only three weren’t head down, finger scrolling away. It does make people watching quite entertaining because no one’s paying attention to you, but I can’t help feeling we are all missing out on something.

I sometimes use the journey to jump onto my Kindle and continue with whatever book I’m reading at the moment. Although I’d forgotten that when you are sitting in the ‘quiet’ carriage on the train and you read something funny and you laugh out loud, people notice – except when they are plugged into their smart phones.

The best of the city

But oh, the joy of being able to make a lunchtime run to David Jones, and there are at least a dozen different sushi shops nearby.

Mind you, don’t get me started on the opportunities to buy shoes! It’s worth it all just for that.

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  1. Great article, totally agree Pita. I’ve been working in the Valley for the last few years and am now back in the city. I love being able to catch up with friends in my lunchbreak or stay late for drinks in the city. Looking forward to more articles from you.

    • Thanks Cathie! And you’re right, catching up with friends who also work in the city is another perk – and I keep running into people I know as I walk through the mall. I’d forgotten what that was like!

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