SheReviews “One Hundred Days” by Alice Pung

by  The teenage years in one’s life are frequently times of mortifying self-consciousness with some rigorous semblance of inner angst thrown into the mix. Such is the case in Melbourne writer, editor and lawyer Alice Pung’s latest novel, “One Hundred Days”. Our […]

#SheReviews The Mother Wound by Amani Haydar

by   In Amani Haydar’s (lawyer, artist, mum and advocate for women’s health and safety) recently released memoir, “The Mother Wound”, we as readers are taken on a veritable rollercoaster of emotions as Amani faithfully recounts the events leading up to and […]

#SheReviews “Dog Days” by Ericka Waller

by   Human nature is often complex and intricate, and human fallibilities are often glaringly obvious, yet sometimes deep and hidden away. These facts are realistically illustrated for us in British author Ericka Waller’s debut novel, “Dog Days”.   Set in the […]

Ash Barty’s Wimbledon Win Inspires All

by Young girls in Australia, and indeed around the world, are daring to dream bigger today, and holding their heads a little higher and walking a little taller, after watching Australian professional tennis player Ash Barty win the ultimate crown at Wimbledon […]

#SheReviews “Echolalia” by Briohny Doyle

by   The landscape in and around Australian country towns in drought is brutal and unforgiving, and so too can the inhabitants of these towns be; as illustrated in Australian author Briohny Doyle’s second and recently released novel, “Echolalia”. Living in a […]

#SheReviews – “Other Women” by Cathy Kelly

by   Women in the Western World today frequently live complicated lives, and all is often not as it seems. These truths are vividly illustrated in Irish author Cathy Kelly’s latest book, “Other Women”. Set in contemporary Ireland, our three female protagonists […]