The Gift That Gives Coming To Channel 9

The Gift That Gives, the fourth romantic comedy by writer / director, Joy Hopwood, is coming to Channel Nine on 19 th April 2024 at midday with a stellar cast: Takaya Honda (Neighbours), HaiHa Le (Boy Swallows Universe), Lily Brown Griffiths (The […]

Beyond Netflix: 15 Must-Watch Indie Films Of The Year

In the realm of cinema, independent films, or “indies,” have carved out a unique space for themselves, offering viewers a refreshing alternative to mainstream blockbusters. Embracing creativity, innovation, and often tackling thought-provoking themes, indie films captivate audiences with their authenticity and artistic […]

#SheReviews Madame Web – Ruth Greening

Madame Web is a 2024 superhero movie based on Marvel Comics featuring the character of the same name. A movie for all superhero followers young and old, filmed around Massachusetts, Boston and New York City. Cassandra Web (Dakota Johnson) is a paramedic […]

#SheReviews Film: The Color Purple

How do you remake a beloved award – winning book and dramatic film? You set it to music to give it a brand-new look. With Oprah Winfrey and Steven Spielberg working together you know you are in for a sprawling cinematic experience […]

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