#SheReviews BLUSSH Romance Festival Movie: One Perfect Match – Ruth Greening

February 28, 2024

For two reasons, The Romance Club ‘s One Perfect March was the perfect romance movie to preview at the Angelika Film Centre South City Square, 148 Logan Rd, Woolloongabba, Brisbane last weekend. 

To begin, it was the launch of the highly successful BLUSSH Romance Festival and secondly, the filming for One Perfect Match took place across Brisbane in locations including Woolloongabba, Pullenvale and the CBD. Brisbane was made to look like the US city of Seattle. Even better director Jo-Anne Brechin was present at the launch of her film. I am thrilled to see that Brisbane is being featured in international as well as local films more than often and seems to be growing. We have much to offer. 

It was the first time visit for Canadian actor Merritt Patterson (from The Royals). Whereas for Joshua Sasse who plays the alluring businessman, he has worked for the Queensland company, Jaggi Entertainment before,  starring in Love is in the Air

One Perfect Match is a romantic comedy, a feel-good kinda movie and one many will relate to I’m sure. Great chemistry between the lead actors. The storyline is as Jo-Anne Brechin states, a concoction of high-stakes, mistakes and of course romance, and I’m excited to bring this film to life for audiences to enjoy. The beautiful soundtrack was perfect too, Michael Buble’s, Haven’t Met You Yet.

Walking into the cinema we were handed the most delicious fresh bowl of chicken/rice/vegetables from fishbowl and a glass mYmosa cocktail in a can. Another perfect treat as we pressed the buttons on our recliners. Everyone walked away feeling satisfied and happy. 

The Story

Renowned Matchmaker Lucky Marks (Merritt Patterson) runs a highly successful dating agency and things are running well until by pure chance she meets businessman Finn Grayson (Joshua Sasse) at a restaurant. There is an immediate spark between the two and for the first time, in a long time, her heart misses a beat and is instantly attracted to him, although she didn’t get his name. 

However, shortly afterwards, he walks into her office, and she finds out that he is Finn Grayson, her newest client. Like Lucy, he is successful in his professional life but has been single for a while. Lucy dutifully sets him up with a woman named Molly. Meanwhile, Lucy’s sister is getting married soon. 

When Lucy and her sister visit a potential wedding location, Lucy discovers that it’s Finn’s family home. Lucy and Finn continue to talk through the matchmaking service, and their feelings for each other grow. However, Finn is still dating Molly, and Lucy’s professional ethics won’t allow her to get involved with a client.

Despite their chemistry which is strongly apparent on screen, there is regular too and froing with lots of text messaging. It is a game of morals versus emotions.  

In the end, they work things out but will it be for the better or worse? Watching the film to the end will give you the final answer. 

Two quotes from the film caught my attention: Finn “You know, for a not-date, I think this is pretty great. Lucy: “Best not-date I’ve ever had”. 

Cast and  Crew

Director: Jo-Anne Brechin

Writer: Ansley Gordon

Cast: Merritt Patterson, Lynn Gilmartin, Meg Fraser, Callan Collery and Joshua Sasse 

Released in cinemas on February 28

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