The Royal Pay Gap

British actress Claire Foy, who starred as a young Queen Elizabeth II in the critically acclaimed Netflix series The Crown, was paid less than her co-star Matt Smith, according to the television show’s producers. In the latest example of pay disparity in […]

No More Screen Time For Bikini Bottoms

Professional female surfers wearing high-cut bikini bottoms have been given reassurance their backsides won’t be broadcast around the world. At least not close ups. According to Stab Magazine, the World Surf League has attempted to get out in front of the #metoo […]

The Legacy Of The Landline

Smartphones and the internet have revolutionised society, commerce, and politics, reshaping how we work and play, and how our brains are wired. They have even revolutionised how revolutions are made. For enthusiasts, these technologies enhance freedom and democratise the flow of information, […]

The Mercy Film Review

FILM REVIEW:     The Mercy STARRING:         Colin Firth, Rachel Wiesz, David Thewlis, Ken Stott OPENS:              8 March 2018 First things first – I LOVE Colin Firth, or Frothy as I like to […]

Women Connecting Within Communities

One woman’s passion Never under estimate your passion, nor your worth. You will be surprised how one small nagging concept has the ability to bloom into reality and ignite individuals and communities with a renewed sense of self-worth and community pride. One […]

Married At First Sight Biggest Creeps

Let’s face it, we’re all obsessed with Married at First Sight, from Troy’s outrageous laugh, to Nassar’s two faced behavior. While most of the couples are having a hard time falling in love, Australia has undoubtedly become smitten with the show. As […]

#SheViews Married At First Sight

Hearts around Australia  are breaking thanks to Married at First Sight last night. Everyone’s #couplegoals Sarah and Telv had a very dramatic fight over…nothing? The couple, who have been Australia’s favourites since the beginning, had an argument caused by Telv watching a […]

International Women’s Day- Where Did It Start?

International Women’s Day is a worldwide event that celebrates women’s achievements – from the political to the social – while calling for gender equality. It has been observed since the early 1900s and is now recognised each year on March 8. Is is not […]

A New Dinner Party Conversation to Consider

Politics and religion have long been banned at many dinner parties along with the guilt or innocence of Lindy Chamberlain and more recently whether Barnaby Joyce was a good or bad guy. There are some subjects guests will never agree on, with a […]

Experience Fifty Shades Romance In Seattle!

For those going International and is looking for something a little bit cheeky… The latest installment of the Fifty Shades trilogy, Fifty Shades Freed, will be coming to Australian cinema’s in time for Valentine’s Day, but for the saucy fans who want […]

How To Fall Back In Love With Your Job

Each year job searches surge in January and February, and with approximately 50% of Australian workers considering a new job each year, there’s no doubt that careers are top-of-mind for many employees right now. For life and career strategist Bella Zanesco however, […]

Selfies Can Give You Nits

The growing popularity of children taking selfies with their smartphones is being blamed for a dramatic increase in the incidence of head lice in schools, according to experts. The research project, presented at the British Association of Dermatologists annual conference in Liverpool, […]

Hilton Brisbane’s Food & Beverage Masters

This week SheBrisbane had the opportunity to attend the Hilton Australasia Food & Beverage Masters which this year was held at Brisbane’s Hilton. The annual event aims to discover, develop and celebrate the best food and beverage talent within the company with four […]

There Is No Shame In Hiring A Nanny

If your maternity leave has finished and you are returning to work in 2018, a nanny/educator could solve a range of childcare issues. There’s no need to feel any shame or guilt either as there are various options and ranges of care […]

An Unclean Mind (Is Not What You Think)

Someone I know was recently accused of being unclean. Which bothered me. When you ask Google to define unclean, a whole stack of ugly words pop up like: dirty, filthy, grubby, foul, impure, tainted, adulterated, mucky, soiled, begrimed, and unwashed. Which then […]

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