#SheReviews Outback Secrets by Rachael Johns

by   Pubs are frequently the cultural epicentre of the essentially disparate community in Australian country towns, and publicans are often reliable sounding boards for townsfolk to tell their sometimes not insignificant troubles to – and even times their murky secrets. Such […]

#SheReads – The Hush by Sara Foster

by   Residing in an undeniably idyllic country such as Australia, with a beautifully free democracy, it seems deeply perturbing and outrageous that historically there have existed – and indeed still exist in the world – societies where fundamental human rights are […]

#SheReviews Best Sellers 

by   I didn’t need to be asked twice to review new movie Bestsellers starring Michael Caine and Aubrey Plaza. Lina Roesslor’s new comedy is based on books, publishers and authors and  books and writing are my passion. This funny movie is […]

SheReviews “Apples Never Fall” by Liane Moriarty

by   Even the most seemingly stereotypically ‘normal’ of families can be deceptively holding together a familial structure that’s very fabric is filled with not only nuanced peculiarities, but shattering secrets – which have the potential to alter lives irrevocably if revealed. […]

#SheReviews Beethoven and Sibelius

by   It was a dark and stormy night, thunder crashed like cymbals and rain pitter pattered like a thousand violins.The sky was rumbling like a deep double bass. It was the perfect night to stay safe inside listening to beautiful music […]

SheWatches – THE COLONY

by   I am forever intrigued by writers comments when Earth becomes uninhabitable for humans, particularly when it has been destroyed by climate change, pandemics and war all of which somewhere around the globe we are being subjected to in 2021.  I […]

Review Of The Queensland Theatre’s 2022 Season 

by   “Life is better with theatre” was the opening statement from Queensland Theatre’s Artistic Director, Lee Lewis as she launched Queensland Theatre’s 2022 season, promising big stories filled with hope and recovery.  As Lee explained to the COVID safe capacity crowd, […]

SheReviews “One Hundred Days” by Alice Pung

by  The teenage years in one’s life are frequently times of mortifying self-consciousness with some rigorous semblance of inner angst thrown into the mix. Such is the case in Melbourne writer, editor and lawyer Alice Pung’s latest novel, “One Hundred Days”. Our […]


by   This is a strange mystery come thriller movie with some funny sides to the story and maybe more suitable for the older teenager or young adult audience. Although there are many young-at-heart adults who would embrace Die in A Gunfight.  […]


by   Disclosure is an Australian movie with Australian actors. The setting in one location on a large homestead surrounded by luscious bushlands in the Dandenong Ranges in Melbourne. It seems to be the idyllic setting, happy families sharing the dream, until […]

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