#SheReviews The Herd by Emily Edwards

by Masterful. Suspenseful. Eloquent. Thought-provoking. These are four well-deserved adjectives that immediately come to mind when wanting to describe the soaring and scholarly debut novel, “The Herd”  from English author, Emily Edwards. Set in the fictional English town, Farley, outside of London, […]

#SheReviews Wahala by Nikki May

by Navigating the oft-times treacherous, shocking and unforeseen potholes of life is frequently difficult – even more so when one is young, female, of mixed-race and living in the vibrant, yet at-times-daunting metropolis of present-day London. Such is most certainly the case […]

#SheReviews Operation Mincemeat

by Behind the scenes stories based on true life are enlightening, and the Operation Mincemeat movie, was that. Based on the book by Ben Macintyre, this compelling true story was nerve wracking to watch at times as I had no idea of […]

#SheReviews The Trivia Night by Ali Lowe

by The sublimely picture-perfect township of Darley on Sydney’s exclusively elegant Northern Beaches appears, from the outside, to be a utopian haven for the wealthy and well-to-do…..or is it? As English author, Ali Lowe (she has lived in Australia for sixteen years), […]

#SheReviews Olga Dies Dreaming by Xochitl Gonzalez’s

by “Oppressed people cannot remain oppressed forever. The yearning for freedom eventually manifests itself.”  These words were eloquently and sombrely spoken by Martin Luther King last century, and are nobly and life-affirmingly applicable to people around the world, both before and since […]

#SheReviews All She Wants by Kelli Hawkins

by Leaving behind a murky and febrile past, perhaps by even relocating to a new country, should be a relatively straightforward and even somewhat calculatedly cold and clinical procedure – or should it? Such a vehemently audacious manoeuvre is firmly embedded at […]

#SheReviews Happening

by I adore French films with subtitles, it not only helps with my learning and understanding of the French language but the French stories have intriguing and unusual plots.  Happening or  L’evenement is the acclaimed new film from BAFTA-nominated director Audrey Diwan. […]

#SheReviews Wildflower by Monique Mulligan

by Writing the novel Wildflower has been a labour of love for West Australian author, Monique Mulligan.This timely book was released on International Women’s Day and bravely tackles the topics of bullying and domestic violence. Monique tells her character’s stories with tenderness […]

#SheReviews Love and Virtue by Diana Reid

by Australian universities, and their accompanying residential colleges, are, in theory at least, fortified and luminous bastions of respectability and accountability. This noble notion, however, is searingly and brutally displaced in Sydney writer Diana Reid’s reflective and disarming debut novel, “Love and […]

#SheReviews The Duke

by How far would you go if you were determined to change the world and save your marriage?  While I sat through the pre-release screening of the comedy-drama The Duke, this was a question I considered. Would I stand up for the […]

#SheReviews It Snows In Benidorm

by   In English and Spanish, based on a true story, this Spanish drama film It Snows in Benidorm is slow-paced but that’s how this melancholic story rolls to create its effectiveness. It has beautiful settings and backgrounds that can change into […]

#SheReviews Book of Love

by   Are you in need of a feel good romantic comedy to lift your spirits? Look no further than the Book of Love which is showing now in cinemas. This delightful movie will take you to London and Mexico on a […]

#SheReviews Regenerating Australia

by Damon Gameau Tours Australia How many Australians talk about their love for their country, want to protect it, buy more Australian-made products? Are we all talk? It’s easy to make these comments and do nothing about it.  It isn’t easy, I […]

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