#SheReviews Wake by Shelley Burr

by Distressingly and alarmingly, some 35 000 people ‘go missing’ in Australia every year, as reported by the Australian Federal Police. Although the vast majority of these folk are located within a six month time frame, approximately 1600 of these much-loved humans […]

#SheReviews Rattled by Ellis Gunn

by Ostensibly, it all seems to be a completely innocuous and pleasant exchange – a middle-aged woman and a middle-aged man, who have not previously met, exchanging small-talk as they wait at an auction house for the auction to begin. However, this […]

#SheReviews Press Play

by I come from an era when the gift of a mixtape meant so much, so I know of their magic. A mixed tape lies at the heart of new movie, Press Play, a sweet time travel romance written and produced by […]

#SheReviews One of Us by Kylie Kaden

by Sometimes the most glossy, envied and seemingly exemplary lives are merely a smooth and expertly positioned veneer that purposefully camouflages lives full of secrets, shame and the inevitable accompanying guilt. Such picture-perfect, yet inwardly tumultuous, lives are brilliantly, albeit poignantly, examined […]

#SheReviews Reputation by Sarah Vaughan

by The English word “Reputation” is defined definitively and far-reachingly as “the beliefs or opinions that are generally held about someone or something”. Certainly in all nations and societies in the world, one’s reputation is highly prized, albeit having the potential to […]

#SheReviews Queensland Ballet Li’s Choice

by Queensland Ballet Li’s Choice Queensland Ballet Artistic Director Li Cunxin AO has chosen well. Li’s Choice opening night was sensational and kicked off with a bang.  Three stunning diverse performances from neo-classical to a deeply emotive contemporary dance with the finale […]

#SheReviews Mothering Sunday

by Based on Graham Swift’s novel published in 2016 this British romantic and sexy period drama is set in the wake of World War I. The Mothering Sunday story transpires in 1924 over the course of one day on Mother’s Day, the […]

#SheReviews The Swimmers by Julie Otsuka

by The highly salubrious, deeply life-affirming and quintessentially Australian (and American) pastime of swimming laps at the local public pool is a soothing ritual that many – the novice, the triathlete and former Olympians – partake in. It is such a utopic […]

#SheReviews 9 to 5 The Musical

by “Well, I tumble outta bed and stumble to the kitchen….. Pour myself a cup of ambition….. Yawn and stretch and try to come to life.” As I find the words to describe the amazing musical 9 to 5 which is now […]

#SheReviews The Torrent by Dinuka McKenzie

by A plethora of audaciously murky crimes that are committed daily in our society are – on the surface – disarmingly straight-forward and with need of little assistance from the public. Sometimes, however, circumstances arise in which no-one is seemingly at fault, […]

#SheReviews Mozart’s Requiem

by This is the concert we’ve all been waiting for. Mozart’s Requiem is one of the most famous pieces of classical music ever performed. Did you know it was finished by one of his inner circle after his death? First performed in […]

#SheReviews The Herd by Emily Edwards

by Masterful. Suspenseful. Eloquent. Thought-provoking. These are four well-deserved adjectives that immediately come to mind when wanting to describe the soaring and scholarly debut novel, “The Herd”  from English author, Emily Edwards. Set in the fictional English town, Farley, outside of London, […]

#SheReviews Wahala by Nikki May

by Navigating the oft-times treacherous, shocking and unforeseen potholes of life is frequently difficult – even more so when one is young, female, of mixed-race and living in the vibrant, yet at-times-daunting metropolis of present-day London. Such is most certainly the case […]

#SheReviews Operation Mincemeat

by Behind the scenes stories based on true life are enlightening, and the Operation Mincemeat movie, was that. Based on the book by Ben Macintyre, this compelling true story was nerve wracking to watch at times as I had no idea of […]

#SheReviews The Trivia Night by Ali Lowe

by The sublimely picture-perfect township of Darley on Sydney’s exclusively elegant Northern Beaches appears, from the outside, to be a utopian haven for the wealthy and well-to-do…..or is it? As English author, Ali Lowe (she has lived in Australia for sixteen years), […]

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