#SheReviews – Cat Person Movie

Are you a cat person? I am so, the invitation to see this advanced screening of Cat Person, was easy to accept.  Other than the appealing title this genre-bending movie is not so much about cats, but dating in the 21st century. […]

#SheReviews Movie: BRING HIM TO ME

One of the most appealing attractions of the American style action movie Bring Him To Me, its production is local. It was made independently, a labour of love, blood and sweat. Written, directed, produced by Luke Spake and filmed around the City […]

Opera Queensland announces their 2024 Season

As Brisbane prepares for the Olympic and Paralympic Games, Opera Queensland announces a 2024 Season that throws down the gauntlet for ambitious programming and fresh approaches to what opera can be. Their three major productions in Brisbane show the breadth of vision […]

#SheReviews: The Cost Movie

The Cost is an intense, provoking Australian movie that pricks your conscience as two vigilante men plan the ultimate revenge for their wife/sister’s gruesome death. The perpetrator had been released from prison living a diffident life, believing he had served his time. […]

#SheReviews Film: Past Lives

A modern  American romantic drama,  Past Lives is a lovely tender and heartwarming story as two childhood friends reunite.  Past Lives is also about lost opportunities to the point I was silently saying……just say what you feel. Yet driven by culture and […]

#SheReviews Film: Godland

Godland the movie is a stunning historical drama that is insightful, mystifying, depressing yet enlightening with its humourous moments. It was merciless and real given the story, timeline and remote location. A lonely place, the people suspicious and wary of this not-so-friendly […]

#SheReviews: The Miracle Club

There was quite a bit of reminiscing as my friend and I watched the advanced screening of The Miracle Club this week.  Set in 1967 and filmed around picturesque Ireland, we would have been in our late teens back then. We had […]

#SheReviews Film: Joy Ride

Producers of Bad Neighbours and the co-screenwriter of Crazy Rich Asians have brought another hilarious and unapologetically explicit story of identity and self-discovery to the screen, with Joy Ride. Also known for their work in The Boys TV series, Joy Ride could […]

#SheReviews Film: The Black Demon

Feel like some thrills and spills? Released this year, The Black Demon fiction horror film is for you. A family is stranded on an old oil rig in the small town of Baja, on a peninsula in north-western Mexico, unaware that for […]

#SheReviews Film: Bank of Dave

Bank of Dave, another lovely movie based on real events and a true(ish) story. This remarkable development of Burnley (UK) resident, Dave Fishwick was first shared with the world as a documentary in 2012. A decade late this tale remains resonant as […]

Celebrating Mother’s Day Alone

Mother & Daughter as children  (L: Marie Metcalf nee Dunham my mother R: Ruth Greening nee Dunham) On every Mother’s Day I say to myself “Happy Mother’s Day Mum, I miss you”.  For many of us, our mothers and grand mothers are […]

Opera Queensland Season 2023

Opera Queensland (OQ) has begun its 2023 season with a dramatic launch of Verdi’s retelling of Shakespeare’s Macbeth. It is one of the most powerful performances I have ever seen. Their vision of growing a community connected by the transformative power of […]

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