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November 24, 2023

Are you a cat person? I am so, the invitation to see this advanced screening of Cat Person, was easy to accept.  Other than the appealing title this genre-bending movie is not so much about cats, but dating in the 21st century. It is only at the end you understand why the title.

The short story was originally written for a podcast that I coincidentally had listened to a few years ago which is the true reason I was keen to see the pre-screening.   

Cat Person went viral when the New Yorker published it in 2017. It became controversial with everyone in uproar over its portrayal of modern dating, gender roles and consent. It also happened to be published the same year the #MeToo movement started conversations around many shades of assault, similar to the ones in Cat Person.

Adapted by Michelle Ashford (Masters of Sex, The Pacific, Operation Mincemeat) from the acclaimed New Yorker short story by Kristen Roupenian this movie focuses on real-life scenarios that many on the dating scene will understand. 

It is mind-provoking for the audience, targets the truth of potential issues when dating, highlights why poor communication can be badly misinterpretation,  and is a virtuous reminder of how dangerous texting can be. 

Along with the humourous behaviours of a young woman dating an older man, it soon became apparent that age differences and conflicting forms of communication don’t always combine to make a tasteful cocktail.

Filmed in Jersey City and Newark, New Jersey USA, Susanna Fogel (of The Flight Attendant and The Wilds) directs the film on the horrors, awkwardness and complexities of dating, The ground can become shaky when placed in difficult situations from which it is hard to escape.  

Cat Person is a captivating modern-day film that weaves us through an unexpected turn of events and frightening consequences. 

The Story

Margot, a 20-year-old college student who works at a movie theatre, (played by Emilia Jones, CODA) goes on an awkward date with the older Robert (Nicholas Braun from Succession, Zola) who may be a murderer for all she knows. 

Her mind plays dangerous games and confuses both herself and her date, particularly as she soon finds the IRL Robert doesn’t live up to the Robert she has flirted with over texts. 

I had a smile to myself watching the movie as this is a regular comment I hear from my friends who participate in regular dating. I can hear them now, we had such fun when texting……..then things changed. It is all about the hunt and in Cat Person you begin to wonder who is hunting whom.

Cat Person has been quoted as being a razor-sharp exploration of the gender divide, the quagmire of navigating modern dating and the dangerous projections we make in our minds about the person at the other end of our phones.


Director: Susanna Fogel 

Producers: Helen Estabrook, Jeremy Steckler

Cast: Emilia Jones (Margot), Nicholaus Braun (Robert), Geraldine Viswanathan (Taylor), Michale Gandolfini (Peter), Josh Andres Rivera (Dave), Issac Cole (Clay), Kyle Selig (Lucas), Donald Elise Watkins (James), Isabella Rossellini (Dr Enid Zabala), Liza Koshy (Beth), Hope Davis (Kelly), Liza Colon-Zayas (Officer Elaine), Christipher Shyer (Ernie), Fred Melamed (Dr Resnick), Max Jenkins (Todd), John Scherer (Fire Chief) Zachary Mooren (Bernhardt), Cal McMenemy (Movie Goer), Pearl Sun (Nurse).

Writers: Michelle Ashford (screenplay), Kristen Roupenian (based on the short story)

In cinemas now!

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