#SheReviews Queensland Ballet Li’s Choice

by Queensland Ballet Li’s Choice Queensland Ballet Artistic Director Li Cunxin AO has chosen well. Li’s Choice opening night was sensational and kicked off with a bang.  Three stunning diverse performances from neo-classical to a deeply emotive contemporary dance with the finale […]

#SheReviews Mothering Sunday

by Based on Graham Swift’s novel published in 2016 this British romantic and sexy period drama is set in the wake of World War I. The Mothering Sunday story transpires in 1924 over the course of one day on Mother’s Day, the […]

#SheReviews Operation Mincemeat

by Behind the scenes stories based on true life are enlightening, and the Operation Mincemeat movie, was that. Based on the book by Ben Macintyre, this compelling true story was nerve wracking to watch at times as I had no idea of […]

Homemade ANZAC Biscuit Recipe

by Every year I bake ANZAC Biscuits for neighbours and friends and publish our mother’s recipe for all to share, here it is again.  I realise we all have various versions, but I always return to this simple and tasty recipe, quick […]

#SheReviews Happening

by I adore French films with subtitles, it not only helps with my learning and understanding of the French language but the French stories have intriguing and unusual plots.  Happening or  L’evenement is the acclaimed new film from BAFTA-nominated director Audrey Diwan. […]

#SheReviews The Duke

by How far would you go if you were determined to change the world and save your marriage?  While I sat through the pre-release screening of the comedy-drama The Duke, this was a question I considered. Would I stand up for the […]

#SheReviews It Snows In Benidorm

by   In English and Spanish, based on a true story, this Spanish drama film It Snows in Benidorm is slow-paced but that’s how this melancholic story rolls to create its effectiveness. It has beautiful settings and backgrounds that can change into […]

Do You Do Magic?

by Do you do magic My niece Bianca stayed with me recently and apart from teaching me the benefits of vegan eating she also introduced me to a little secret and I am about to let it slip. It all began when […]

#SheReviews Regenerating Australia

by Damon Gameau Tours Australia How many Australians talk about their love for their country, want to protect it, buy more Australian-made products? Are we all talk? It’s easy to make these comments and do nothing about it.  It isn’t easy, I […]

#SheReviews QSO Soaring Heights 2022

by The most recent Queensland Symphony Orchestra (QSO) concert I attended for She Society last week was QSO Soaring Heights, the first of QSO’s Maestro concerts for 2022 and it started big.  In celebration of their 75th year, Principal Conductor and Artistic […]

#SheReviews Aline

by Aline is a beautiful yet emotional biopic potentially award-winning film that was extremely satisfying to watch.   A French-Canadian drama film, director, co-writer, and star actor Valérie Lemercier was magnificent and kept to her word portraying the role of the inspirational singing […]

A Small Fruit Cake For Christmas Recipe

by   Christmas is almost upon us while Santa sets his elves to work finalising last-minute requests as children’s letters reach the North Pole. Where has the year gone? It seems to be a common question asked by many.  And given everyone […]

Growing Pineapples – Their Uses and Benefits

by   Pineapples (Ananas comosus) a tropical fruit consisting of many berries that have grown together, originating in South America and brought to Australia in 1826.  In Australia, it’s that time of the year again where our pineapples begin to dominate the […]

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