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February 7, 2024

Photo By Annie Spratt

This week I was updating my Blog, on my crafting projects. I mainly focus on crocheting, knitting and sewing. I chat about the projects I have completed, the ones I am in the process of completing and how excited I am to discover new creations in 2024.

Included are photos and brief descriptions, of the pattern and yarn I have used which I know crafters will be keen to know. 

I also mention the addiction to buying yarn knowing I am not alone. It seems most members of the crochet and knitting community are all the same. Such a relief!

Crafting does not discriminate

I also love sharing my skills and helping my younger friends on how to knit and crochet. Crafts are not just for oldies and women. Oodles of social media sites have young people creating, and demonstrating their love of their craft. It is gratifying to see.  

I learned so much from them and the wonderful thing is that crafting does not discriminate, it is not gender or age-specific. I follow several crocheters and knitters on Instagram. They have incredible Reels on unique methods I had never considered before. 

Youtube is amazing. If you don’t know how to create something then rest assured you have many helpful sites to guide you. I have found my favourite tutors as I find it difficult when some tutors rush through their work. I can’t keep up with them and need to rewind which becomes frustrating.  

Crafting for mental health

Despite all this, and the wonderful feeling when a project is completed,  the most important aspect of crafting is going through the process of learning. There are powerful benefits both for your brain and mental health. It can take your mind off other things and allow you to drift into another zone. Writers can do this, we call it going into the lull.

I firmly believe if more people crafted, they would feel a lot better about themselves and improve their sense of well-being. 

Statistically, crafting has proven to be good for our mental health, so it’s not all about what I may think. It has the potential of providing cognitive, mental and emotional benefits as well as creating a beautiful craft. 

Neuroscientists and psychologists have discovered that potential brain benefits range from stress relief to enhanced cognitive capabilities. Crocheting is an example of how it stimulates various parts of the brain and reinforces neural pathways that contribute to overall well-being. 

From one of my personal experiences, when my adult son was injured in a motorbike accident in 2022. He required Maxillofacial surgery after suffering from several facial fractures. Apart from being thankful he was alive and not brain damaged, it was a stressful time. 

It was my crocheting that kept me sane. Waiting for the X-ray results, staying by his side post-surgery, and being able to pick up my hook and yarn was the secret to not breaking down in tears. 

Crafting, such as crocheting, offers a form of relaxation by the repetitive motions that place your mind into a state of meditation. I am sure many will relate to the feeling when working on a creative project where you momentarily forget about your worries and concerns. 

It is the role of serotonin, a neurotransmitter, crucial in the regulation of our mood that does the job. The level of serotonin increases as does our enhanced feeling of happiness and well-being. Additional psychological benefits of crafting is it enhances focus, memory and cognitive abilities and improves self-confidence. 

Engaging in creative hands-on activities

The following activities are only a short list, there are many more to choose from. But they all help to manage your anxiety, and reduce stress by creatively releasing challenging emotions: Painting & Drawing, Knitting and Crocheting, Designing Photo Books,  Adult Colouring Books, Pottery and Ceramics.  

I have tried many crafts and found my favourites. Otherwise how many do you take on when only so many hours in a day? 

If someone comments you have too many projects on the go your response is simple, you smile and say they all help with my mental health.  

Once a crafter, always a crafter and no matter what you choose they will all give you a sense of accomplishment and motivation to do more.

 More crafting pics on my Nanny Babe Blog

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