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The opinions expressed by our writers do not necessarily reflect the views of SheSociety. All articles are subject to Editor’s review. SheSociety also adheres to a strict style guide therefore formatting of articles will be applied. Content changes will be made only to clarify.

Got a story or a photo you would like to contribute?

She Society is keen to welcome writers of all ages and interests in Australia. Don’t worry if writing is new to you, we can give your article a spit and polish if needed.

Because we are new kids on the block and we can’t pay bloggers yet,  we are keen to promote you and your blogs or activities… that’s what it is all about after all… support and networking. So please include any and all of your links, because if readers like your posts, they can got directly to your blog for more of you.

Write about what interests you: your life stories, the groups you are in, your projects, experiences, events, tips and tricks for other Australian ladies, or whatever grabs you. She Society reserves the right to edit and proof read as needed. We may also select a new headline if we believe a more catchy title will attract more readers to your article.

 We encourage and welcome photos to match your editorial, especially if you are in them, and have the right to publish them. She Society can supply images if more suitable shots are required or you do not have images.
So give it a shot… here’s what to supply:
  • Your article in Word format (250 to 500 words is a good place to start);
  • Image/s – including photos of yourself or the people/places relevant to your story. Please seek all necessary approvals to send the photos if other people are in the shots;
  • A biography of 2-3 sentences and a photo (preferably a headshot) of the author. If you prefer to not include a photo, just let us know;
  • Any relevant links you would like included e.g. your own blog, etc.

Please send submissions through to: she@shesociety.com.au – Don’t forget to put your contact details, and thanks for being involved!