#SheReviews Hollywood Scent by Nick Winters

by I devour books from all different genre’s depending on what I am seeking or on recommendation.  It may be for historical interest, learning, self-help, biographies, memoir, romanticism, crime or purely a means to jump into new world and escape from the […]

Daily News Roundup

by WEDNESDAY,  MAY 29 Divine intervention has saved a driver who was caught speeding down a German road from a 105 euro ($170) fine, according to local police. Cable news reports said the driver was caught by a speed camera travelling at […]

Ways to Reduce Allergens in Your Home

by Your home is the place where you should feel the most comfortable. Unfortunately, many people don’t rid their houses of allergens like dust and mold. This leads to coughing, itching, dry or itchy eyes, and a runny nose. It’s like having […]

Caring For A Disabled Person

by For those tasked with caring for a disabled person, it is a life-changing experience. This is true for the person being cared for as well as the caregiver. Disabilities cover a huge spectrum and the care needed with have to reflect […]

5 Ways You Can Take Better Control Of Your Own Life

by Over a quarter of Australians will experience anxiety attacks in their lifetime, according to a study. As we get older, our plate just gets bigger and bigger with more responsibilities and decisions – professional goals, financial manoeuvring, child support, fitness…No wonder […]

The Great Leggings Debate

by Ban leggings on campus? Ludicrous – wearing leggings allows women to move like superheroes The Conversation, Canada April 17, 2019. By Samantha Brennan, Professor and Dean | College of Arts, University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada. I’m writing this at my office […]

New Year, Nude You

by As we embark on another year you surely have a list of goals, maybe they’re saved on your dropbox, or maybe you’ve embellished a special page in your bullet journal with your aspirations but wherever they may be I suggest adding […]

Waxing or Shaving: Which Is Better?

by When it comes to waxing vs. shaving, this age-old debate has a variety of answers. For some, enduring the pain from waxing is worth it to avoid the risk of getting nicked from a razor. However, others would rather take the […]

The Tennis World “Rebranded”

by As cliche as it clearly sounds, a breath of fresh air blew with mounting strength across the Australian Open Tennis stadium in Melbourne over the past week or so…… Australians of all ages (particularly mums and dads) who love clean, respectful, […]

Daily News Roundup

by TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 27 The Mars InSight lander has touched down on the dusty Red Planet after sailing 548 million kilometres over a six-month voyage through deep space. The landing, which took place just before 7:00am AEDT, saw the NASA spacecraft hurtle […]

The Downside Of Accommodation Booking Websites

by Did you know that everytime you use online accommodation websites such as Booking.com, Trivago and Wotif, wealthy US businessmen grow their bank balances without lifting a finger?. Entrepreneur Dick Smith certainly does, and recently took to social media to launch a […]

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