#SheReviews Film: Sugar and Stars

July 11, 2023

Have you been salivating over the French pastries your friends are instagramming on their European holidays? Be prepared to whet your appetite even more by watching the break out hit of the French Film Festival, Sugar and Stars. Whether you are guilty, like me, of loving a lemon tart, decadent chocolate éclair or strawberry gateau, you are sure to be craving a sweet treat after seeing the story of champion French pastry chef, Yazid Ichemrahem. Based on a true story this film shares an autobiographical look into Yazid’s extraordinary life.

The boy in the story, Yazid has only ever wanted to cook delicious desserts and provide for his adopted family. Instead of pop stars on his bedroom wall Yazid gazes longingly at pictures of his favourite pastry chefs as he drifts off to sleep. He dreams of one day becoming a great chef like his heroes.

Securing an apprenticeship at a prestigious Parisian restaurant, he must suddenly learn to navigate the elitist pastry world under the guidance of chefs he so idolises. Throughout his journey, Yazid must grapple with homelessness, family issues and a lack of belonging. His goal is to compete for Paris at an International Pastry championship.


Growing up with a single mother who is barely able to look after herself, Yazid is shuttled from a foster home and later a group home in his early teens. Battling homelessness, Yazid still shows up for work and ready to learn. This tale shares snippets of then and now and is filled with fabulous baking scenes from this talented young chef.

With his talent and the support of his true friends, Yazid might be just one step closer to finding the secret ingredient to achieving his dreams – against all odds. You will be tense as you watch Yazid navigate this world and the amazing creations he cooks. You will feel sad when every circumstance seems to go against him and you will be inspired by his commitment and work ethic in the face of adversity. It’s a real underdog story.

Directed by Sebastian Tulard and with the Algerian influencer Riadh Belaiche in the lead role, this delightful crowd pleaser is a funny and moving look into the rarefied world of top notch French chefs and a true rags to riches tale that will have to be seen to be believed.

This delightful french film is a film to inspire and remind us all that we are all capable of fulfilling our dreams against all odds. For a delightfully sweet treat that will make you care, laugh and cry head along to see Sugar and Stars which is in Australian cinemas July 20. Just make sure you don’t go on an empty stomach. Bon appetit!

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