Alice And Georgy, Pleased To Meet You

by “Georgy!” the nurse was trying to soothe, her frustration not hidden well, “What’s goin’ on?” She was responding to the old man’s urgent calls echoing down the hospital corridor, three rooms down from mine. He’d been yelling all morning, mostly in […]

50? You’ll Be Right!

by When you get to half a century, you start to take stock of your life.   If you’d asked me at 20 what made me happy, I would’ve said Sunday Sessions and black Russians. (The drink. Not the men.) If you’d […]

You Can Call Me Bonnie (or Sophie)

by Driving no. 2 daughter to Milton tonight, we were coming down the side road to merge onto Hale Street, where a motorcycle cop was sitting in the middle of the road.  His lights were flashing so we figured it was a road […]

An Unclean Mind (Is Not What You Think)

by Someone I know was recently accused of being unclean. Which bothered me. When you ask Google to define unclean, a whole stack of ugly words pop up like: dirty, filthy, grubby, foul, impure, tainted, adulterated, mucky, soiled, begrimed, and unwashed. Which […]