What makes a good book cover?

by So you’ve finished writing your book and now, it’s time to publish and market it. My heart goes out to any author with a well-written, captivating story, whose book has a terrible cover. Would I buy a book with cheap looking […]

Heard of Teff? Is this the new superfood?

by It’s the tiny grain that’s gone under the radar. Super-foods quinoa and chia normally steal the show, however Teff is hitting mainstream healthfood status. Now available at major supermarkets there’s no excuse for the time-poor who can’t make it to the […]

It’s a boy thing

by While sharing morning tea with my three-year-old son, I started to make conversation (as you do). When I paused in anticipation of a verbal response he simply nodded or made silly noises. So I kept talking, enjoying our time together until […]

Social media flamed my anxiety

by I was checking my Facebook notifications for work and decided to have a quick squiz at the news feed. One photo sent a wave of emotions through me. It was of a girl from high school having a merry time sharing […]