Carolina Kitchen = Happy BBQ Zombies

September 29, 2016

I have made an ardent study of chicken wings throughout my life, and Carolina Kitchen’s battered Buffalo wings get my glowing approval

In a recent post I spoke about baking a housewarming present for a party hostess I didn’t know very well. We were merely acquaintances, but when I discovered the catering chosen for the party I knew that this was a woman I needed in my foodie gang.

thumb_img_0178_1024Highlights: Buffalo wings

My favourite: French fries, New York style optional

Tips: Bread takes up stomach room, so save the hot dog until last

Instead of the usual party fare, our hostess Claire decided to enlist the help of Carolina Kitchen to feed her grateful party guests. Those unfamiliar with the Coorparoo BBQ house may have seen the food truck at assorted markets, dishing up Buffalo wings, ribs, New York fries and chilli dogs.

The van pulled up on the street right in front of the house, and once the hungry neighbours had been (seriously) shooed away, a stream of sauce-smothered goodness injected the party.

Although we were all kitted out in our garden party best we were soon reduced to joyful BBQ zombies, munching on ribs and wings and licking our fingers with relish, conversations forgotten.

thumb_img_0151_1024Mike Perry knows how to BBQ. Originally from North Carolina, Mike told me cheerfully that Brisbane is ‘the best place on earth’, a fantastic compliment from someone who can make magic French-fries.

I don’t know what ingredient dictates whether chips are ordinary or extraordinary, but Mike’s were sensational even before I doused them with cheese, sour cream and chilli according to his careful instructions.

I have made an ardent study of chicken wings throughout my life, and Carolina Kitchen’s battered Buffalo wings and blue cheese sauce get my glowing approval.

thumb_img_0173_1024The ribs are as tender and as flavoursome as they smell, and the mini chilli dogs were perfect for prepping our stomachs for the rest of the party.

There was more than enough food for everyone, and after Mike had departed I hovered around the trays of leftover food, popping a chip in my mouth whenever room opened up in my stomach.

Apparently Carolina Kitchen does an amazing range of pies, including pumpkin, cherry and chocolate pecan, and I’ll be hunting them down in Coorparoo to try one slice at a time.

thumb_img_0170_1024The info:
Shop 2/38 Macaulay Street Coorparoo QLD
(07) 3847 8227
Monday: 5pm – 8pm
Tues – Sun: 12noon – 8pm
Take away recommended, limited seating


Photography: by Emma Lee

Emma Lee
Emma Lee is a Brisbane native but lives to travel. She is also a big fan of food, good books and browsing at markets.

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