Does Your Wine Come Delivered With Music?

July 10, 2018

Jimmy Brings team up with Spotify to release Songmelier Edition wines, paired perfectly with music.

Few things in this world could ruin a dinner party more than combining the wrong vino with tunes that could have guests skipping out before dessert is served.

The good folk at Jimmy Brings and Spotify know the best nights are handsomely indebted to the right wine and music. They’ve come together to make hosting a breeze, releasing a limited-edition range of wines paired perfectly with music.

Consisting of fan favourites including an Australian Sparkling, Sauvignon Blanc and Reserve Shiraz, the three-pack Songmelier Edition pairs each wine with a Spotify playlist, so you can stream sick beats while sipping on vino.

The playlists have been carefully curated to beat match the aromas, characters and body of each drop, helping to avoid unnecessary playlist paralysis. Accessible via the Spotify Codes on the front of each wine bottle, wine lovers simply need to scan the code using the Spotify app to discover the tunes behind the tannins.

Bubbly lovers will rejoice, sipping on the Sparkling paired with Hip Hop, Bubblegum Trap and West Coast notes of Hustle and Grind. For a more refreshing palate, the Sauvignon Blanc is invigoratingly matched with Indie, Tropical House and Aussietronica – with a hint of Chillwave and an Electrofox finish. Red wine lovers will be delighted by the Reserve Shiraz, handcrafted with smooth Jazz, raw Rock ’n’ Roll, soft Freak Folk and a Deep House finish.

Jimmy Brings co-founder Nathan Besser said the Songmelier Edition range would have hosts breathing a sigh of relief, delivering the ‘party’ to dinner parties around the country.

“No dinner party is complete without wine and music, so we decided to help relieve the stress of hosting friends. The Songmelier Edition gives our customers everything they need to create a night worth remembering; perfectly paired wines and music,” Mr Besser said.

Aussie TV personality and music connoisseur Kate Peck sat down with Jimmy Brings co-founders Nathan Besser and David Berger in an exclusive wine tasting.

“Events will never be the same again. Pairing each wine with different genres of music creates an entirely new experience, enhancing both the taste and sound,” Ms Peck said.

To coincide with the recent launch of Jimmy Brings in Melbourne, the Songmelier Edition launch is taking the hassle out of entertaining so you can kick back and enjoy.

Sydneysiders and Melburnians can now order the three-pack Songmelier Edition wines, via the free to download app, online at, or by phone on 1800 JIMMYS

Head to to learn more. 

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