Don Burke Accused Of Sexual Harassment

by TV personality Don Burke who hosted the TV gardening show, Burke’s Backyard has been accused of sexual harassment and bullying allegations. According to, more than 50 people made serious allegations about the presenter, with three former Channel 9 executives giving […]

I See Red!

by I saw a story recently on that hunky Dr Andrew Rochford’s son being bullied because he has red hair. This is a problem as old as time itself, and I’ve seen it firsthand – as I’ve said previously in this column Dear […]

Reindeer Games

by So I was in Toowong Village with four hundred thousand other people trying to do all my last minute shopping on Sunday and I heard the glorious vocals stylings of one of the great local choirs they get have over the Festive Season. […]

Growing up different

by Imagine being born with a face that was different. Not with lots of freckles, or a large nose or big ears, but with a face that is considered freakish, caused by a mutation in a gene that caused the bones in […]