Storm In A Wine Glass

This is real news story I read recently. Not Fake News. Although I did think it was an April Fool’s gag. You’ll see why. A company was recently forced by the Fair Work Commission to rehire a woman they fired for breaching […]

Dishwasher Cuisine

Hello Dear Readers – I write this column today in state of great confusion. “Oh, why’s that AB?” I hear you say. Well, let me tell you. It’s not because I just found out they are making an emoji for when you […]

An Age-Old Problem

Did you hear about that Dutch man who late last year tried to legally change his age, which in a huge shock to nobody, was rejected by the court? Talk about Freaky Deaky Dutch. So many questions – where do I begin? Why go […]

Royal Flush

I read this article in a women’s mag saying Kate Middleton only carries four items in her clutch/small bag. Apparently, she ONLY carries a compact mirror, lip balm, blotting paper and a handkerchief. Mind you some of her clutches are so small […]

Gone To The Dogs…

Did you see that story about the old cattle dog Max who stayed with that little girl who was lost on her family property last week? Oh my GOD! How beautiful. This is why I much prefer animals to people. Max the […]

In Vino Bad Tourists

Raise your hand if you’ve never done anything stupid whilst drinking? Yeah didn’t think so. It can’t have escaped your attention Dear Readers that I am a bit of an idiot AND that’s just when I’m sober. Man, when I’ve had a […]

What Would Jo Griggs Do?

This is my new mantra. When I’m in a jam, having trouble making a decision or am facing any kind of moral dilemma, I now simply say/think “WWJGD”? What Would Jo Griggs Do? I’ve always been a fan of Jo Griggs. She […]

Sharehouse Revisited

I’m currently working in a regional area and I have to say I am loving it sick. I’m a Country Mouse thought the week and a City Mouse on weekends. Best of both worlds (except for a couple of kangaroo casualties) or […]

Treason Doth Never Prosper

As I sit uncomfortably to write this column on Post-Chocolate Binge Day – aka Easter Monday – I am saddened by the ongoing fiasco that our national cricket side is embroiled in. Cheating is cheating. Whether it’s Pictionary (you know who you […]

Digital Killed The Video Store

Did you hear that Brisbane’s last video store closed recently? THIS IS SO SAD! I know I know, they don’t have a place anymore but what a pity. Who doesn’t have fond memories of trips to the video store and fighting about […]

The Mercy Film Review

FILM REVIEW:     The Mercy STARRING:         Colin Firth, Rachel Wiesz, David Thewlis, Ken Stott OPENS:              8 March 2018 First things first – I LOVE Colin Firth, or Frothy as I like to […]

Sex and Politics

I have a book running at work on how long the Barna-baby scandal will stay in the news. Having previously worked in politics and knowing first-hand the amount of work-related shagging that goes on, this story came as absolutely no surprise to […]

Lady Marketing

Ladies, aren’t you tired of how having a vagina is making so many things unnecessarily complicated? I am. Often times when I hear/read/see things like the subject of this column, I wonder if I am under-medicated and if these things are really […]

Frankenstein Syndrome

I saw something really strange the other day. I was going for a walk and stopped to talk to/pat this dog and – how can I put this? – the dog LOOKED LIKE A FREAK SHOW! Now Dear Reader, I firmly believe […]

Chrimirthmus Day

Hands up who has PHD? (Post-holiday depression)? Yeah me too. Gawd the first week back at work is hard to get into isn’t it? I have a good friend who takes the entire month of January off on the grounds that “nothing […]

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