Bogans out – new image sought

Definition: bogan ˈbəʊɡ(ə)n/ noun / Australian/NZ informal derogatory 1. an uncouth or unsophisticated person, regarded as being of low social status. “some bogans yelled at us from their cars” If you’re not a motoring enthusiast you may not have heard the news […]

The end of civilisation

I read some incredibly disturbing news on the weekend. Do you ever read something or hear some news or even get a text message and you have a physical reaction? Your stomach drops, your mouth goes dry – you may even want […]

The Emperor’s New Research

Earlier this month a naked couple in their fifties were caught having sex in public at North Sydney. Apparently they were just going for it at the edge of a park 10 metres from the road! They were charged with wilful and […]

I’ve found the one…

I was going to write this long preamble about my journey through life which is not unlike Jason and his quest for the Golden Fleece i.e. searching constantly for some mythical thing that may or may not exist and takes forever to […]

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