The Emperor’s New Research

February 18, 2016

Earlier this month a naked couple in their fifties were caught having sex in public at North Sydney. Apparently they were just going for it at the edge of a park 10 metres from the road! They were charged with wilful and obscene exposure.

That is a disgrace! Charging them, I mean. We should be giving them a medal not wasting valuable police time and resources.

It can hardly be any more disturbing than Shane Warne running around the jungle in his undies looking like Malibu Ken or his theories on evolution.

I say they should be let off with a warning. You have to remember these people grew up in the 70s. Their parents were probably reading ‘The Joy of Sex’ and going to “key” parties so they may very well be just a product of their environment.

New sex trend

You know how we follow trends in fashion, food, what we like to watch, blah blah; well apparently it’s no different when it comes to sex.

A trend that’s got people talking is a sexual practice called karezza. It’s being used by sex therapists to augment relationships and
resuscitate sex lives.

The thrust of it (pardon the pun) is not to have an orgasm whilst you’re having regular relations with your partner. I’ll just repeat that – NOT to have an orgasm when you’re having sex with your partner to improve your sex life.

I find this confusing. I was telling my girlfriends about it at a party. It was met with quizzical looks and scrunched up faces, like they had just detected an unpleasant smell.

“Well Peter and I were practising ‘kerazza’ for years – albeit unknowingly. It was one of the reasons I divorced him,” said my friend Kate.

Orgasm hangover

Research has indicated that the “problem” with having orgasms for some couples is it creates a ‘hangover’ as the dopamine goes through the roof and then crashes, which can result in negative feelings.

Uh huh. Because my friends are ALWAYS complaining about HOW BAD they feel after having really hot sex. All the time. That what we women do when we get together – bitch about how sexually satisfied we are and how it’s ruining our lives.

Yeah….. I’m not sure about that research myself. As feminist icon and one of my personal heroes Veronica Corningstone would say “That is grade A baloney!”

All this talk of kerazza reminds me of when I scaled Mt Warning with some friends a few years ago. It was on a wish list my friend Swordy found when she moved house, so off we went to see the sun rise at the most easterly point of the country.

Unfortunately, the next morning at 3am when we got up to climb said mountain, it was in howling wind and rain, so when we did finally summit we couldn’t see a bloody thing. Except rain clouds and other very disappointed climbers. All that effort and none of the reward.

If fact, next month we are doing it again as the experience was such a letdown. Kerazza hmmmmm……Emperor’s New Clothes much?

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