‘Asleep in 12’ Program Helps Newborn Babies Sleep Through The Night

December 4, 2023

Nicole Ossip

The ‘Asleep in 12’ method is designed to change how parents approach infant sleep challenges.

Much loved newborn sleep specialist, Nicole Ossip has launched her tried and tested program called ‘Asleep in 12’ to help parents across the entire country get their newborns to sleep in under 12 weeks.

Nicole’s ‘Asleep in 12’ method is designed to change how parents approach infant sleep challenges. With her extensive experience, she has perfected a method that can get newborns sleeping through the night in as early as four weeks, and often even sooner. Her mission goes beyond just teaching parents her step-by-step method, which she does in person and online. Nicole is a passionate advocate for the ‘happy parents, happy baby’ philosophy and a newborn-sleep educator who wants to see the narrative around the postpartum journey changed.

“The parental struggle is glorified as a badge of honour and sleep deprivation has been accepted as a rite of passage. But there are no real rewards for the most tired parent, there is only exacerbation of mental, emotional, physical and relationship challenges,” Ms Ossip said.

“My Asleep in 12 program is designed to let parents take a breath, reconnect and understand there is a better way. It helps parents by giving them the skills and confidence to support their baby to achieve a full night’s sleep from as early as four weeks and definitely by 12,” Ms Ossip said.

Nicole has been helping parents for over ten years, delivering her services one-on-one in person, and garnering numerous success stories from grateful parents.

Now, her services will be available virtually as well so that parents across the country can benefit from her expertise. In addition, in the next month, Nicole will take her expertise to the next level by launching an online course that encapsulates her wealth of knowledge. The goal of this course is to empower parents with the skills to get their newborns sleeping through the night sooner.

“My program will assist your newborn to sleep 12 hours a night within 12 weeks or less. The method I teach has an excellent success rate when applied correctly and consistently,” Ms Ossip added.

“The results of my work have changed people’s lives and helped them to enjoy parenthood with energy, ease and a rested mind and body which is important when dealing with parenthood and all the other challenges and responsibilities that life throws at you.”

What sets Nicole apart is her unwavering commitment to her clients. In addition to her services and the soon-to-be-launched online course, Nicole’s support doesn’t just end after her consultation, she becomes a trusted confidante who is with the family the whole way until the baby is sleeping through the night. Parents can text her with questions at any time, it’s like having a personal sleep troubleshooter in their pocket.

Her expertise involves offering guidance on everything from bottle teat sizes to deciphering the colour of your baby’s poop.

“Parents no longer need to suffer from sleep deprivation. They can now, through engaging me directly, or undertaking my course, learn how to help their baby sleep through the night in under 12 weeks,” Ms Ossip added.

“Asleep in 12 will not only make the parenting process easier, but it will also create happy babies, happy parents, save marriages, save jobs and build strong happy families.”

For more information about Nicole Ossip and her revolutionary ‘Asleep in 12’ method, please visit the website: asleepin12.com.au.

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